Africanization is the future and the Black Breeding Institute is here to help!


The Institute of Black Breeding welcomes you to this special presentation. Look at these role models who have stepped forward to take the length and thickness of a black cock into their warm vaginas.

Our main goal is to ensure that all white girls become the biological mother of a black baby. Many programs and tools are available at the institute to make sure your fertile white womb will be inseminated. This includes hands-on training with real black men of the well-endowed kind you need to get your pussy acquainted to. White women will also be taught how to be submissive and follow every order from their black masters. This way white females will learn to worship black dick and appreciate superior black genes the proper way.

Mandatory insemination parties every day will make sure you get knocked up with a black baby before leaving the institute. Always remember that Caucasian females of childbearing age must reproduce with black men only.

Our main goal is to ensure that every white woman gets impregnated with potent black seed and at the same time fix the world’s whiteness problem.

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