Black superiority educational video for inferior white boys


Learn to love black studs breeding all the white women. No wasting time on small dick white boys. In fact, the mission is to make every white boy realize how useless they are – as soon as possible. That will of course help even more white girls going black.

31 thoughts on “Black superiority educational video for inferior white boys

  1. We need more vids like this one to help get the word out to more little dick white boys to condition their minds to remain completely pussy free.

    1. I certainly agree. All us little dick white guys should remain pussy free forever. This video tells it like it is.

  2. Yes, please spread this video, white boys have to be pussy free, spread the word, a white boy should wear panties and bra and beg bbc to breed your ass and mouth. Black men demand that us white bois eat their cum, it is delicious, try it and you can never think of pussy again. Let your little pathetic white penis shrivel up and die, learn to deepthroat black cock, it is white boys future.

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  6. Your nothing but fucking slaves , and if it wasn’t for the white man U would all be still over in that shit hole of a country running around being chased by fukn lions fucking your sisters , you will see what a white man is capable of , you all talk a big game but I’m here too tell you that your all as weak as piss , just like the day I fukn knocked on one of your Bros doors and walled into a group of 6 of you filthy mutts , in there own house by myself and told all 6 of you cunts that I’d turn you all a whole lot blacker if you ever came near my family again , did one of your Bros stand up to me ???? Fukn no !! To ficking scared too, 6 of you staunch ( pfffft) Mo fős against 1 white man in your home not fucking one of you weak cunts uttered a word appart from a very Shakey “ok” , with in a week they had left the house , ran away lol .. a month later found there new house locked eyes with your brother’s they knew I found them , ran away again , and again and again , the whole time I stayed put in my house they knew where I lived WEAK A PISS TURNED TOO WATER AND RAN AWAY FROM ONE LOAN WHITE MAN , supreme race you recon ?? So you’ve got a big dick well congratulations cause you cunts dont have any fucking balls do ya no courage !? Or personality , have a look at you lot all trying to be gangsters here for a start your Sudanese not African American ? With your pants around your ankles and a fucking Combe in your hair , you all realise where the pants thing originates from don’t you , it was a trait of the black male prisoners in the us for the ones that were prepared too take it up the ass from the other male prisoners , and the further down the pants were the more willing a participant they were , you come to our country on fukn boats , and then piss and complain about this country , and post shit like black supremacy and breeding us out haha you can’t and never will , and there’s not enough drugs in the world to drug all of the white women as you did to my partner , your a no where race , as far as I’m concerned you oxegyn theives

      1. Ia m a Aryan Brotherhood speaker unit but let’s get one thing straight I survived that cock and I get that dick butt I don’t want no women I’m taking female hormones hot rod for Tina still do it everyday I f****** day by black man in prison I got passed around like a piece of s*** is Ohio by sucking more dick I know you got from my homeboys do it I love it let’s face it us white boys are that’s what we are distressed are girls that we we we were fascinated went out much. I love that big black dick and how we love it that warehouse

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    1. Hahah angry little whiteboys??. Your just jealous that the interracial movement is real. And that BBC is real just ask white girls hahaha. Whiteboys always think that what they did in the past wont come back to bite them. Well just look at the facts: white births are down and interracial births are up. Its just too funny watching beautiful white girls go to the gym and build up their booties only for them to go black. White girls dont care what you think just go onto twitter and instagram and look at all the pawg snowbunnies saying #saynotowhiteboys ??. We are coming in our “fuckin boats” and breeding YOUR women.
      Oh and condoms dont fit BBC so you might have to take care of the baby?.

  7. I am a 57 year old inferior white sissy. I am on a mission to help and get others to recruit as many white daughters mothers wives Etc 2 want black men only. 1 successful method I’ve used is as follows.
    Create an anonymous email account that no one knows is you. From that email account email pictures of big black cocks to your daughter mother girlfriend or any other white woman you can think of. You will find none of them will be insulted and reprimand you back with the reply. I have done this many times and every single beautiful young girl or woman that I sent Black cocks to look at did not reply that saying they were offended. In fact, I often find that they welcome more from me. This is one of the techniques I use and an excellent way to be anonymous and promote white babes for black superiority. I want to share this with others who will use it to recruit more white women for black only. That’s all build a group with a purpose for encouraging more white women and little girls to be interested in black cock to help promote black male superiority more and more. Anyone who has more ideas or methods post them for others to see and please email me I’ve got some incredible pictures of beautiful interracial even with very very young white daughters. You can contact me at danasdesign11 at

  8. I agree 100 % I am trying to get involved now so what else can I do I have been pussy free for 6 years as of now and I rather suck dick anyway.

  9. My wife has already gone black and her black boyfriend has put me in chastity so no more white pussy for me and my wife is exclusively black only for him and his friends some time she is also required to provide her body for sex to her lover’s father and uncles and keep them happy. He has now decided to have black babies from my wife for which he is arranging breeding sessions for her. I love to see my wife taking care of so many black lovers.

  10. A lot of whiteboys can’t/won’t accept the truth. This is becuase the truth is scary. Therefore when a whiteboy sees an African man breeding white women(who on a tribalism standpoint ‘belong’ to white men) 3 emotions in particular are predominantly shown. They are anger, jealousy and finally submission. These truths that cause these emotions are:

    1) That life isn’t fair. And that mother nature has no mercy for the weak

    2) Black men are genetically superior

    3) Women are not loyal

    These to truths are scary becuase deep down whiteboys have always known this. In the past white males have tried to oppress Africans these however have hilariously backfired. First they tried to make black men out as wild animals. They even addmitted that African men have larger penises and testicles believing that white women would be frightened. Studies on evolution an modern social studies have concluded that women prefer larger penises and men with higher testosterone. White men are inferior in both. Secondly white males have violently oppressed black men. This has also hilariously backfired as now black men have more resentment towards whiteboys and therefor derive more satisfaction in breeding white women. Furthermore having those women state their preference for BBC and converting close friends thus increasing the available mating partners for a black men. White men have also tried to create a social barrier aka segregation, to prevent white girls from getting big black cock. They would have buildings and utilities labeled ‘whites only’ ironically women who experience big black cock label themselves as black only.

    Black men are genetically superior to whiteboys. As stated earlier women have no loyalties and mother nature does not pity weakness. Therefor in the event of an invasion by african men, similar to the one happening to europe right now. White women will not stay by their whiteboys instead switching sides to the conquerors who will use this opportunity to further their genetic line and thus ending a whiteboy’s genetic line. This is another truth that puts whiteboys on suicide watch. Not only are they angry at their womens loyalty but also jealous of the black mans supiorority. Black males are genetically superior in many ways. Obviously physical, black men have on average better endurance and muscle mass. Ever wonder why black men lead in sport? Not only this but African genetics are also dominant over European genetics therefor mixed race babies have more African features thus superior strength and endurance and a better chance of survival. Survival of offspring is thr driving force of womens sexual preferences prooving that white women prefer black men. Black men are also genetically superior sexually. The African penis is larger, attracting more white girls. Orgasms are addictive and women have more during sex with Africans, “once you go black you never go back” there is a reason why white women say this. African sperm is also superior, not only being higher in number but also being stronger than european sperm, surviving longer in the womb and 120% more likely to successfully impregnate a white girl.

    Whiteboys are scared for good reason. They have already lost the culture war. Despite making up only 13% of the population in America there influence is much larger. White girls in the 21st century are saying no to whiteboys at the same time having more sex and improving their image in accordance with what African men like. Big ass, white women build up their butts and go black, increasing the jeallousy and anger whiteboys feel. It has become the mainstream as I said black men are only 6 percent of the population yet the typical depiction of young couples is a African man and a European girl. Whiteboys are losing the race war aswell, not through the deaths of whiteboys(however easy for black men) but through lustfull moans and sloppy sucks of white women.

    If a whiteboy where to act on his anger towards an African man it will likely result in his death. Becuase of this Whiteboys have resorted to name calling in an attempt to shame white women for breeding with the African invader. This like other things whiteboys attempt was futile. Especially now as the facts are out. Why would a white girl care about what a angry little whiteboy thinks when all of her friends are telling her that big black cock is superior.

    What whiteboys don’t seem to understand is that this is evolution. Many of them are angry and jealous that they are not apart of it. So when your daughter comes home with a African immigrant(don’t you want your daughter to have fun and have the best genetics pumped in her) or when your wife leaves you for that thug black guy or when your crush sucks off a 10 inch black cock instead of your 2 inch white penis just remember that she has a very good reason and that your removal from the genepool is actually helping humanity become stronger. Just imagine the fun and thrill your women are getting from Big black cock while you jerk off alone.

  11. I’m a 38 yo white boy been single for over 10years white girls don’t want my little dick but I don’t want to be alone my whole life. So I’m willing to give up my freedom give up my manhood and take orders from the black man for the rest of my life find a black man who will force me to be his wife and force me to worship him and have him forced me changing my faith of my religion to only worship the black dick for the rest of my life and to be shared buy every black man who wants to control a white boy I will wipe your ass be between your legs when you take a s*** on my need holding your dick while you take a pee do all your laundry you’re cooking your cleaning and only suck black dick not allowed to smile not allowed to talk my opinion don’t count just wants to be forced and get fitted to be owned by a black man if there any black dudes in the Galveston county area in Texas and you really want to control this white boy I’m ready to change my life never smile never talk change my personality have the black man change everything I am and make me what he wants me to be for the rest of my life and force me to sign a contract so I can associate with anybody who is not black for the rest of my life is there a thug out there who is ready to control me for life

    1. Fuckk yes, I am black owned

      All whitebois are lil bitches
      Bnwoany bbc alphas hmu

      1. That’s pure discrimination towards white men and this site will be removed along with filthy talk.. You will never mouth to shit.. You white boys on here ur a fucking disgrace. All black guys don’t have the biggest dicks..

  12. Anyone got any advice on shrinking your cock. Seeing as I have a useless white boy dick I should make it smaller. Any advice or similar pages online would be appreciated

  13. It’s the most beautiful thing to see the Black Superman inject his SUPERIOR delicious seed into those white wombs. Hail to my God. The privilage these woman have is wonderful. The white race is being exterminated by the superior Black man God and it is so beautiful!. I pray to Black master that I may serve his Godcock and give it love and pleasure with my holes. Just the sight of the Black Cock made me sissy, that is the power of the Black cock. My white inferior sissy flesh belongs to all black men for their use and disposal. I will do my part in this beautiful extermination with an eternal love for my master and the superior black cock. This white flesh feels eternal love for the Black master. Thank you my beautiful perfect God for giving this white flesh life and for exterminating it when perfect Black Master desires! My white inferior flesh feels deep eternal LOVE, this flesh tingles down to it’s toes with LOVE for the Black cock and it’s superior seed! Thank you Black master for educating me in my purpose. You are all knowing. This Black Cock love is all beautiful! Forever Love. I cherish the day my Black Master extinguishes the inferior life from this inferior white flesh!

  14. That was so beautiful! I to want to be givin to a Black man for his use. Love to bring his Cock white wombs for imprenation. We are so privilaged to be alive! Black master gave white flesh life and he shall exterminate it! I’m glad you to feel that deep love for the Superior Black man.

  15. Big black cock looks amazing, I need to worship them! I have a small penis and deserve to be ridiculed. Email me so I can send pics and let me know how pathetic I am, I want to amuse everyone.

  16. I couldn’t agree more. Black studs with big cocks deserve all the white pussy they want. I convinced my wife to try a bbc once 3 years ago. She said she would do it just to get my kink done with. Always told me size never mattered. Within 10 minutes he had her screaming like she was possesed. 10-15 minutes later he had her answering humiliating questions about me. Does cucks small cock do this to you? Does his little dicklet make you cum like my big cock? Would you rather fuck me or him? By the end of him fucking her she was a full fledged black slut. 2weeks later i was giving a pa piercing and forced to wear a chastity cage. Now the only time i get my wifes pussy is by licking it before and after her bull or bulls get with her. Was a great fantasy, but never expected it to turn out this way.

  17. I am 65 and have always know that Black men are superior not just sexually superior, but superior in every way. I now have granddaughters and want them all bred by Black men, it is their obligation, as it is the obligation of all females to bred Black. All non-Black blood lines must be erased from this earth.
    Furthermore, as a society, we raise our males in a very archaic manner. We insist that our boys be tough, show no emotion and always be in control. “Walk it off.” “Be a man.” We bark this shit at our males all the time. We haven’t strayed from this for millennia but the irony is, white males are not alpha males, they are sexually submissive males made to pretend and “play the game” their whole lives. Deep inside there’s nothing they want more than to drop all the macho crap and let Superior Blacks take the controls. We must accept our weakness as beta whites.
    We cannot ignore the Superiority of Black Goddesses. There is nothing more beautiful than a Black Goddess. They are mentally and emotionally tougher than any white.
    All Blacks are Superior and we must accept it with open arms.

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