A social media feature that will teach white boys a lesson

We need to get Facebook and other social media to add a “Left Him for Black” feature. Whenever a girl leaves her white boyfriend to be with a black man, she should be able to activate the feature and tag her now-ex-boyfriend. Using this feature should result in two things:

1) The girl will automatically unfollow her ex-boyfriend, and all signs of him will be scrubbed from her feed. He’s in her past, and she doesn’t need to be reminded of him.

2) It will become impossible for her ex to unfriend or unfollow her. The unfollow button will simply not be available when he’s looking at her profile. Quite the contrary, Facebook will make sure that all her content gets a high placement in his feed. Especially pictures where she’s with her new Black boyfriend.

The point of the feature is to fill his feed with pictures of the happy couple together. He should be reminded that she has moved on and that she’s much happier with her Black boyfriend than she ever was with him.

The white ex-boyfriend should constantly be reminded of his failed relationship, making it impossible for him to move on. After all, the longer he stays single, the bigger the chances that another white girl gets to experience a black man. In other words, the feature will be saying: Stay pussyfree, white boy!

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