Black adventures at the Spade Institute

Not long after graduation, I found a high paying job for something called the Spade Institute. The job had me sign a waiver for drug testing, I would take medication from the Institute and undergo tests weekly to see if they had any effect on me. This most recent batch they had me test their most recent developed birth control pills. Every week I would meet with Dr. Johnson, a middle-age brunette with large breasts that I was more than jealous of. I would meet her every time and undergo many tests and questions where this time I told Dr. Johnson that I had been taking the birth control pill and having sex with my boyfriend for the better part of a month and had not been able to get pregnant.

Dr. Johnson wrote a few things on her notepad and looked at me almost expectantly, “That’s to be expected as this is a modified version of our current very reliable contraceptives.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “Are there any effects you are feeling?”

I shifted uncomfortably as I thought back, “y-yes there are…” I stammered out, causing Dr. Johnson to raise an eyebrow again. Hesitantly I spoke out, “I feel aroused almost all the time, almost as if my sex drive is through the roof… but…” I paused but could see Dr. Johnson urge me on. “But… I feel sick to my stomach whenever I have intercourse with my boyfriend and… I can never reach orgasm.” I looked at her embarrassed, “actually… It doesn’t even feel good anymore.”

“Interesting,” She replied sounding unsurprised as she wrote something on her notepad. Clearing her throat she met my gaze again, “I need to run some final tests on you before you leave today if you would follow me.” She guided me down to the locker rooms as usual before we did the tests where she had me undress, but this time she led me through an entrance we never used before. The room was nearly pitch black as she told me her assistant would be by very soon as she closed the door behind me.

The room was quiet and I just stood there awkwardly for a minute when suddenly I heard Dr. Johnson’s voice on a speaker which made me jump. “Can you hear me?” It spoke loudly.

“Y-yes!” I answered nearly laughing at myself

“Good. I can answer what is happening to your body right now.” She paused for a second, “Due to the new pills your body is in reacting to feel repulsed at the concept of sexual activity while increasing your libido, that part is supposed to happen.” Some dim lights flicked on revealing a two-way mirror, “What you don’t know is that your body now reacts differently to people of different genetic genome.” She scoffed for a second, “Basically your body’s ova are completely infertile to almost all sperm and you felt disgusted because your boyfriend’s caucasian genetics are now unpleasant to you on a chemical level. I knew she was behind the glass and could see my confused reaction. “But…” she continued as the lights flicked on in the room revealing a large mattress in the center of the room and more importantly a large naked black man, “Your body should have the opposite effect on someone say… From African descent, Darius if you would?”

“N-no!” I yelped as the man bared down on me. I turned and yanked on the door handle revealing that I was locked in the room. Before I knew it he was holding my arm tightly as he yanked me to the glass and began feeling up my naked body.

“You see, your body should now only respond sexually to black men and-.” She was interrupted by the black man as he slid his finger into my dripping slit.

“Hey, this bitch is soaking wet!” He said as he ground his large digit in my folds. His other hand traveled around my body where he gripped my throat firmly.

Dr, Johnson laughed under her breath as she continued, “aaand your body is now fertile towards black men ONLY. The part we don’t know yet is just how fertile, just his precum might be enough to get you pregnant!” I could feel his hand leave my small slit before I felt something large and hot press against it firmly. “The most important part I guess is that these effects are… irreversible.”

Before I could even protest Darius pushed deep into me filling me with a powerful hot sensation I immediately mistook as pain as he tore into me. He gripped my hips tightly as he pulled me into his, my body shuddered violently feeling his cock stretch me so fully and the head of his dark intrusive member pressing so firmly against my cervix. I panted loudly feeling my pussy grip and contract so tightly around his meaty black cock as he continued to try to push more of his dick into my petite body. I shivered feeling him begin to pull and push his oversized member in and out of me, I was terribly aware that what I was feeling was an immense pleasure as my body was indeed reacting to his. Each time his cock bottomed out against my womb it sent a jolt through my body causing my legs to go limp as I almost passed out.

“Damn bitch relax!” He spoke to me aggressively as he swung me around as a toy skewered on his cock before moving us to the mattress, “You so tight your hurtin my dick!” Without pulling out he bent me over the bed into position where I tried to crawl away, but he quickly gripped my arm, “Nuh-uh bitch, I don’t think so,” he taunted as he bent my arm behind my back, “think you deserve a punishment!” He said as he slammed his full length into me forcefully. I shuddered as I orgasmed harder than I ever had in my life letting out a loud scream feeling my body eagerly trying to accommodate him. “Good bitch!” he said as he began to fuck in full-length strokes.

I moaned like a bitch in heat as he began to work up a rhythm pounding my sensitive insides. My pussy refused to loosen its grip every time he pulled his hips back. Every time he withdrew his cock it filled my pussy with a desperate longing feeling that was immediately rewarded as he forced his large black cock into me, stretching me further than I ever thought possible. Almost each new thrust brought me to another powerful orgasm that struck my body like lightning. I knew my white boyfriend would never be able to make me feel like this and I needed to stop this unbearable pleasure, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him to stop. In fact, I had become very aware that I had been raising my hips back to meet his powerful thrusts, enabling him to fuck me that much deeper. His large full balls clapped off my sensitive clit as he pounded my small body sending chills through me. He fucked me like this for so long I lost track of time and the countless orgasms as he used me as a sex toy.

“Let me see that face as I breed you bitch!” he demanded as he pulled out of me.

Much to my surprise I practically spun myself on my back as he gripped my thighs and pinned them to my shoulders. Instinctively I grabbed my buttocks as if to spread them to allow him to get as deep as possible. Darius seemed pleased and wasted no time and sank into me as deep as possible. He felt impossibly deep now as he nearly knocked the wind out of me with each thrust.

I was lost in the endless orgasms when he finally spoke at me, “Remember what the doctor said?” He ended his sentence as he plunged as deep as he could cause me to jolt back and orgasm, “Just my precum might be enough to get you pregnant!” He pulled his hips back and kissed me deeply, I couldn’t help but kiss him back and lap at his invading tongue desperately before he pulled his face back. “But I’m gonna dump it all inside your womb!” he proclaimed as he picked up the pace with renewed vigor. Each powerful thrust thudded against my womb with such a force it felt it would bruise my cervix, but I couldn’t stop climaxing helplessly.

“Yes! Fucking breed me!” I found myself screaming out as he dominated me. “Give me your black baby! Pleeease!” I moaned out desperately shaking my hips trying to meet his. Finally, in a climactic roar, he plunged deep inside me embedding his bulbous cock head against my desperate cervix as he began to blast my extremely fertile cervix in his powerful African seed. My body shuddered and my eyes rolled back as I wailed feeling his scalding ropes of cum dousing my uterus. I could feel my pussy trying its best to pull all the cum from his balls as it contracted hungrily as it drank his virile seed. Over and over he flooded my insides with his pulsating ebony rod and my body obediently accepted it. He finally collapsed on me pinning me to the mattress with his girthy cock still in me prevent any cum from leaking out.

“Good giiirl!” Dr. Johnson’s voice echoed through the room. “Truth is, you are guaranteed to be pregnant right now. You just have a more powerful dose, but you two seem to be busy.” She said pleased as Darius began to work his hips again, ready to fuck me once more.

We fucked like animals till the next morning before parting ways. The experience had changed me in many ways, I ended up leaving my boyfriend of four years several days later. It was sometime later that I found out I was indeed not only pregnant but was having triplets. I went back to the Spade Institute and found out that they were starting up a new program soon, a porn company centered around 100% real black breeding videos, I was one of the first names on the list as I had them redo my contract to be a black breeding pornstar.

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