Cheating in charity while in Africa

Chelsea is a 20-year blonde girl, living in London. She has nice blue eyes, slim figure. She came to London to be a model. She found a rich film director, Arthur and married him. She really enjoys her time with Arthur, mostly because of the rich and lavish lifestyle he provides.

Arthur provides millions of dollars to charities in Africa. He is currently building a school in Kenya. Arthur asked Chelsea to supervise the project for two weeks. He thinks this would be a good image and publicity for Chelsea. Chelsea was hesitant to go to Kenya first, but the publicity would be fantastic. So she decided to go to Kenya for two weeks.

Upon arrival in Kenya, Chelsea took a train to the countryside in East of the country. There she met the project manager Keuende. He set up a nice room in a house near the land where the school will be built. He also put a bodyguard in charge. The bodyguard’s name is Obanda. When Chelsea asked for more bodyguards, Keuende said Obanda is a 7 foot tall pumped up man. He can fight bulls with bare hands. Chelsea was impressed with the description.

On the first day, Chelsea met dozen children and explained to them why she is here. She later took bunch of photos with them for her social media platforms. She also met Obanda. She asked Obanda if he carries a gun, Obanda said no. So Chelsea asked him to carry a gun from next day.

For the next few days, Chelsea went sightseeing the countryside and Keuende started the school building work. Obanda stayed beside her pretty much all the time.

On the night of 6th day, Chelsea was having a hard time sleeping. It rained all day, so there are plenty of mosquitos in her room. She called for Obanda but got no response. So she assumed he was sleeping. Chelsea left her bedroom towards Obanda’s room, so she can ask him to get some mosquito killing sprays. When she reached Obanda’s room, she saw Obanda was sleeping only wearing shorts. She saw his muscly 6 pack body. He had pumped up arms. He had about 4 scars on his chest. She wondered how abs would feel, so she wanted to touch Obanda. Her white, old husband Arthur has a full belly. She never enjoyed his body. She sat beside Obanda and started playing with his twirly afro chest hair. She caressed his chest and slowly felt her hands way down his abs. It was hard, and all she could think of was to lick his abs. However, at that moment Obanda woke up and asked if she needed any help. Chelsea got shy and said she needs mosquito repellent. Obamda says all the stores are closed right now. He will get it for her first thing in the morning. Chelsea went to bed. That night all she could think of was feeling Obanda’s chest hair on her soft breasts.

Next morning, Obanda got her a mosquito repellent. She wanted to go to the land where the school was being built. She spent the whole day with kids, playing, dancing, and of course, photo shooting for social media. That night, Chelsea couldn’t sleep again. This time it was too hot and the electricity was out. She called for Obanda again, and again she got no response. This time she went to Obanda’s room, thinking she will lecture him about his duties. When she got to his room, she saw Obanda was only wearing underwear. She thought it would be a perfect time to lick his hard abs like she always wanted to. She reached down his abs, cleared the sweat with her hands, then gave it a big lick. She felt nice. She felt protected being near a strong man. Just when she was going to lick his abs again, she saw Obanda, in his sleep, put his hands in his underwear, and scratched his balls. When he took his hands out, his underwear was half down. Chelsea’s eye caught Obanda’s pubic hair and base of the fat dick. Now she was surprised that a penis can be that fat. Her husband, Arthur only has small, thin, penis. She wanted to see the rest of the dick. So she slowly pulled off his underwear. What she saw was beyond comprehension. She saw a 14″ big, thick penis, hairy and big balls. Chelsea never saw anything like this before. Just when she was going to put back his underwear, Obanda woke up. He demanded to know what is happening. Chelsea confessed about the abs licking and she told him about her curiosity to look at his penis. Obanda asked her to return back to her room, and Chelsea did. That night, all Chelsea could think about was feeling that juicy, hairy, black cock inside her. She wanted to tell Obanda about her feelings.

Next morning, Chelsea asked Obanda to show her a nearby city. Her days in Kenya was coming to an end and she wanted to buy some local clothing before going to London. That day she shopped, and when she returned home, Obanda told her that he needs to go away for 2 days. Keuende came and he said he will personally bodyguard Chelsea. Chelsea’s mood got off and she spent the 2 playing with the children. She only has 4 days in Kenya and she still hasn’t fucked Obanda yet.

On the morning of 11th day, Obanda returns. The school was 75% built. She interviewed some teachers for the school that day. At night, Obanda presented her a local dress from his village. It was made of silk, and had colourful beads. The dress had a bunch of holes that showed her navel, shoulder bones, and her back. She thanked Obanda and asked him to talk with her all night. Obanda agreed and asked her if she wanted some local rum. Chelsea said yes. They started drinking and Chelsea got drunk right after her 3rd glass of rum. She drunkenly expressed her desire to sleep with Obanda. Obanda also admitted that he wanted to have sex with her, but didn’t do anything because he was just her bodyguard. There was a moment of silence, then Chelsea flung her body towards Obanda. She started kissing him. Obanda’s moustache felt nice on her upper-lips. They kissed about six minutes. Then Obanda said, he needs to go out to get some condoms. Chelsea said, no time for condoms. Also, she wants to feel his bare skin. Obanda started licking Chelsea’s neck. In one pull, he took off Chelsea’s dress (the one that he gifted her). He saw her B-cup boobs. He immediately placed his mouth on her white, soft boobs. He sucked her pink nipples. Chelsea saw a black man on her white skin. The contrast felt really nice and exotic. After Obanda was done with her breasts, he took his penis out and placed it in front of Chelsea’s face. Chelsea started blowing that big, veiny penis. Obanda saw a blonde head on his black penis. It made the veins in his penis stronger. He wanted to touch her blonde hair. He felt her soft lips on his penis. But she was only sucking the tip. He wanted her to gag. So he placed his hands behind her head and pushed it towards his penis. Now he felt his penis in her throat. He was choking her. Chelsea didn’t stop. She choked on that penis good. After a while Obanda took his penis out and placed Chelsea in a missionary position. He took one glance at Chelsea’s pussy, and shoved his penis right inside. Her tight pussy was being stretched by his big black dick. Chelsea never felt this before. Her hands was on his abs, while Obanda continued drilling his 14″ cock in her pretty pink pussy. Then whilst his dick was in her vagina, he turned Chelsea around and put her in doggy style position. He grabbed her hair with one hand and spanked her ass with another one. He then started pounding that pussy hard. Chelsea’s mind was out of this world. She didn’t even notice that Obanda had spit on her back. Obanda saw that white pussy going in and out of his dick. This continued for few more minutes and Chelsea came on Obanda’s dick. Then Obanda grabbed Chelsea by one arm, and turned her around and lifted her up. He fucked her while she was in air bound by his arms. Then Chelsea got on her knees and rubbed that manly penis all over her face. Which was followed by a five-minute boob-job. After that, they went into the missionary position again. Obanda kept looking at her beautiful blue eyes and kept fucking her good. In a short amount of time, he realized that he was going to cum. Chelsea wrapped her legs around him and asked him to cum right in her. Obanda couldn’t stop and released a big load of cum right in her as he kept looking into her beautiful blue eyes. Later, she placed her head on his chest and caressed his abs. Obanda played with her beautiful blonde hair, and soon they fel asleep.

The following few days, Chelsea fucked Obanda as much as she could. They were having sex 5-6 times a day. In the stairs, in the shower, in the kitchen, everywhere. They even snuck in the school at night and fucked there.

After two weeks, Chelsea returned to London and got on with her modeling business. In 2 months, she declared that she was pregnant. At the moment, Arthur thought he was the father. When the baby came out his face was in shock. A beautiful light-afro boy with a healthy body was born. Surprisingly Arthur agreed to raise the child. Chelsea’s modelling career took a hit since then. Every country all around the world wanted her on their fashion shows. Since then, Chelsea visits Kenya every year in name of “Charity”.

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