Condition your mind to associate interracial couples with feeling pleasure!

The rise of interracial pornography is making interracial sex an accepted norm. Many white women will see it and wonder how going black is in reality. But it is a broader thing. Most men will have seen a woman they find attractive with a black man now and every intimate thrust of what that means. It somehow becomes obvious why more women enter interracial relationships.

At the same time, the explosion in explicit interracial sex scenes is a consequence of a bigger societal shift. Producers of explicit material wouldn’t make material if they didn’t think there was a market for it. So the question we need to be asking is this: Why is there such a demand for watching Black men get it on with white women?

You have a growing acceptance of interracial relationships. In 2017, a study from Pew Research Center found high and increasing support among Americans for interracial marriage:

In the old days, an interracial couple would have to keep their love a secret to avoid being ostracized (or lynched). Today, we’re seeing a normalization of interracial relationships in the public space, with ads putting mixed couples front and center. With this development, it is no surprise that more white women expand their dating horizons to include Black men – and they really like what they find.

What are the prospects for white guys? A quite bleak future. Whatever the reason, these white guys find themselves alone in front of their computers, pants around their ankles, furiously pumping away at explicit interracial material. These guys have internalized the fact that white guys can’t satisfy a woman to such a degree that they don’t even see themselves as having a leading role in their own sexual fantasies. So they seek out porn in which the man is as unlike themselves as possible; i.e. a Black man.

This creates a market for interracial material, which as a side effect is boosting the development that is already underway: White women watch interracial films and feel their curiosity being awakened. Eventually, they all act on it. Going black is the future, white guys are a thing from the past.

4 thoughts on “Condition your mind to associate interracial couples with feeling pleasure!

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