Dick sizes matter but interracial love is not just about BBC

A study showed that 87 percent of white women dream about sex with black men. Someone responded that it showed that white women don’t really care about black men and are just interested in their dicks. I don’t think that is true for a number of reasons. Sure, it’s a fact that black men do tend to have way bigger dicks than white men and that it allows black guys to satisfy women in a way that white men can’t. But I believe that, even if black men didn’t have so much bigger dicks, white women would still prefer them.

One reason for that is another study has shown that white women rate black men’s faces as more attractive than white men’s faces – and that has nothing to do with dicks. White women are simply more attracted to black men’s facial features – their dark eyes, their sensuous lips, their black curly hair, their masculine jawlines, and, of course, their dark skin. This is really no different from the type of preference that leads some men to prefer brunettes while others prefer blondes.

Just because the features that white women are most attracted to are primarily found in black men, it doesn’t mean that white women are racist or that they don’t care about black men. Instead, it presents black men with a perfect opportunity to develop mutually loving sexually satisfying relationships with white women.

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One thought on “Dick sizes matter but interracial love is not just about BBC

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