Every sissy has their dreams and fantasies, is this one of yours?

Submitting to BBC – Best Friends
By ShadowJack

“Hi Mike. How are you?”

“Terry? Is that you?” His voice sounded strange, sort of strained, but it had to be him.

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m sorry I haven’t called in so long.”

It was him! My best friend Terry moved to Seattle after we graduated from high school, and we’d both been so busy that we hadn’t gotten around to visiting each other since he left. Then, about three weeks ago he stopped calling, and I hadn’t spoken to him since. God, it was nice to hear his voice!

“I was kinda worried about you,” I said. “I tried to call you a bunch of times, but you never picked up. Are you doing okay in the big city?” He made a weird, choking noise, and suddenly I was more worried about him than ever. “Terry? Terry, are you all right?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. I’m all right. I was just…” There was a rustling sound from his end, followed by what sounded like a soft whimper. “I’m okay,” he said after a moment.

I had to ask. “Terry, are you… are you crying?”

“No,” he said quickly. “I just… I just miss you, Mike. I was wondering if you could come visit me this weekend.” His voice still sounded strained.

“Yeah, of course!” I said. “Tomorrow’s Saturday, I could take the whole day.”

“That’d be awesome,” he said. “The sooner the better.”

“Great,” I said. “How’s twelve noon? We could have lunch.”

“Twelve would be fine,” he said, and I swear, I thought I heard him groan in pain right after he said it.

“Terry? Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, sort of breathlessly. “Um, Mike? Remember in ninth and tenth grade, when we used to… to dress up together?”

Terry and I had gone through a phase when we’d been fascinated by women’s underwear. We’d spent a lot of time dressing up in lingerie and high-heeled shoes. We’d walked around the house, trying to get the hang of walking in heels, and we’d gotten really horny. There was something about wearing that stuff. We’d usually end up stroking each other off, or sometimes sucking each other’s dicks. Sometimes two or three times a day. It was a crazy time, but we stopped doing that after I got my first girlfriend. I sometimes wondered if Terry kept doing it by himself, but I never asked him.

“Yeah, Terry, of course, I do.”

“Could you, um, dress up like that for me when you visit? You could, like, wear it under your regular clothes, you know?” There was a pleading note in his voice, almost a desperation. This was obviously very important to him.

“Sure,” I told him. “I’ll have some stuff on under my clothes.”

“Thank you!” he said, and it sounded strange the way he said it. Then, suddenly, he hung up.

I sat on the couch for a while, going over the conversation in my mind. It was strange, but I had to conclude that my friend was desperately lonely, and that he definitely hadn’t given up wearing lingerie. He needed me to do it with him, and I was good with that. I’d do anything for Terry, and to be honest, the idea of dressing up with him again was intriguing. I found myself getting hard thinking about it. Yeah, this was going to be… fun.

I pulled up in front of Terry’s apartment building, staring at the structure like the small-town rube I was. I’d had his address for months, but this was the first time I’d actually seen where he lived. It looked like every bad, inner-city movie I’d ever seen. It was an older building, three stories and not very big. It was sort of run-down, and the ground level was covered in graffiti. It had bars on the windows and a security gate. I hadn’t known Terry was living in a place like this. But rent in Seattle was sky-high, I knew that, and I guess this is the sort of place you have to live if you’re just a poor college student.

I got out of the car, and the action of standing up and walking around reminded me that I was wearing stockings and panties under my jeans. It was a sensual feeling, and I felt myself getting hard. It had been over three years since I’d worn lingerie with Terry, and I had forgotten how sexy the stuff made me feel.

The security gate wasn’t a problem, since someone had put a brick in it to hold it open. I went on in. There was more graffiti inside, illuminated by a bare light bulb hanging from the high ceiling. I started climbing the stairs. The climb made my cock slip from side to side inside my silken panties, and the sensation had me rock-hard before I was halfway to the third floor. I found Terry’s apartment, and pushed the buzzer, looking forward to seeing my best friend.

After a minute, I heard a series of locks being opened, and then the door opened wide. Instead of Terry, there was a big, muscular black man standing there. He had tattoos all over his arms, an off-white wife-beater stretched over his deep chest. His shaved head gleamed. He was an intimidating sight, especially to a skinny white nerd like me. I was about to apologize for ringing the wrong doorbell when he grinned a wide, welcoming grin.

“You must be Terry’s friend Mike,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Well come on in, we been expecting you,” he said, stepping aside and waving me in.

I went into the apartment, looked around for my friend, and spotted him immediately. But not in the situation I was expecting. There was a huge L-shaped sectional couch in the center of the living room, with three large black men sitting comfortably on it, smiling at me. Terry stood behind the couch, pressed up against its low, upholstered backrest. Standing directly behind him, his big hands on Terry’s hips, was another black man. He was smiling, too.

Terry wasn’t smiling. He was naked except for a pair of white stockings, which I could just see the tops of above the back of the couch. He wore no panties or underwear, but I caught a glimpse of something small and metallically shiny where his penis should have been. He had grown out his blonde hair a bit longer than I’d ever seen it, long enough to cover his ears, and he was wearing women’s make-up. His mascara had run down his cheeks like he’d been crying, and he had a look on his face that was hard to discern. He was looking right at me, his mouth open and panting. His body was moving back and forth in a slow rhythm like he was dancing, the hands of the man behind him guiding his hips. There was something terribly wrong, I could tell by the look on Terry’s face, and I continued to stare at my friend while my brain slowly pieced together what it was looking at. The man behind him, I realized with a shock, was in the act of fucking him.

“I’m sorry,” Terry whispered.

“Come on in, meet the gang,” said the guy behind me as he closed and locked the door. “I’m sure Terry must have mentioned his roommates.”

I looked around. There were five black men in the room, and they were all huge. They were years older than Terry and me, and looked frightening with their tattoos and muscles.

“No,” I said, finding my voice, “Terry didn’t mention he had roommates.”

“Damn,” said the guy behind me with a deep chuckle. “I guess it must have slipped his mind. O’ course, when he was talking to you on the phone, I had my cock in his ass, so maybe he was distracted.”

They all chuckled at that, except for Terry. The guy behind him was moving his own hips in opposition to Terry’s, his naked loins bumping against Terry’s butt, and every time they did, Terry’s eyes cringed, a gasp barely audible through his open mouth.

“Okay, so I’m Denny,” said the guy behind me, moving closer than was comfortable. “That’s Sam, Javaun and Lyle sitting on the couch. Oh, and that’s Al with his cock in Terry’s ass.” Al waved and grinned, then returned to fucking my friend.

“Have a seat, make yourself at home,” said Javaun, scooting over to make room for me on the couch between him and Lyle. “Any friend of Terry’s is a friend of ours.”

“No thanks, I don’t think…” I began, but I stopped when I felt Denny’s big hand on my shoulder.

“Go ahead,” he said as he guided me toward the couch. “I’ll grab us some beers.”

I found myself sitting on the couch while Denny went to the kitchen to get some beers. I was scared. I didn’t know what was going on, exactly, but I didn’t like the way things were going. My hard-on had dissipated, and now I was starting to tremble. Nobody was openly threatening, but Javaun and Lyle were sitting a little too close for comfort, and everybody was smiling, and Terry was still being sodomized just a few feet away.

Denny returned and passed out beers. I took one, though I didn’t really want it. I don’t drink beer. But everyone was being openly friendly, and Lyle even twisted the top off of my beer for me with his big, powerful hand. Denny took a seat in the big upholstered chair opposite the couch.

“So,” said Denny, “I understand you and Terry have been friends since seventh grade. Like, really good friends.”

“Yes,” was all I could think to say.

“Terry has become a really good friend of ours,” said Denny, completely straight-faced. “We all love him dearly. I don’t know what we’d do without him.”

“We’re looking forward to getting to know you, too,” said Sam, having to lean forward in his seat to see me past Terry, who was now starting to lean forward, his hands bracing against the back of the couch, as Al began to fuck him harder. My friend was grunting rhythmically now, his eyes clenched shut, his hands white-knuckled as they gripped the couch.

I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly dry. I couldn’t think of anything to say to that, but I certainly didn’t like the sound of it. I took a drink from my beer. It was awful, but it was wet. I looked around me at all these men, and despite their insinuations, I didn’t see any signs of malicious intent. They all seemed friendly and happy to meet me. Maybe Sam’s insinuation hadn’t been intended as a threat, after all.

Terry began to groan loudly as Al started to really pound him. Al’s eyes were closed, his mouth open, and his forehead gleamed with sweat as he hammered Terry’s lean white buttocks with his powerful hips. Everyone turned to watch as Terry started to wail openly and without restraint. Al slammed home a few more times, then he paused, body quivering, and let out a deep, long groan, his cock undoubtedly filling Terry’s rectum with hot semen. When he was finished he withdrew his cock from Terry’s ass. I only caught a glimpse, but it seemed impossibly long as he pulled it out. Terry shuddered and slumped forward, head down, weight resting on his elbows as he panted.

Al came around the end of the couch, naked and unembarrassed, and took a seat at the end of the long sectional. His cock was truly enormous, thick and gleaming with lube. It was so long it hung more than halfway to his knees. I could hardly believe it was real, let alone that it had just been balls-deep in Terry’s bowels. Denny handed Al a cold beer, and he twisted off the top and chugged half of it, then sat back with a deep, satisfied sigh.

“So,” said Denny, “did you know Terry’s taking hormones now? He was already on blockers when we met him. He’s gonna be a girl pretty soon. Well, sort of a girl. We insist that he keep his dick. We like his dick.”

“It’s so cute,” said Javaun, and they all laughed.

I hadn’t known that. I was more than a little bothered that he hadn’t told me. But then, I still wasn’t sure what was going on here. Who were these guys, and was Terry really okay with all this? I needed to talk to Terry.

“Hey, uh, guys?” I said, and my voice sounded weak and tremulous in my own ears. “I need to talk to Terry. Could we…?”

“Oh, absolutely,” said Denny. “You two have a lot of catching up to do.”

He turned his head and looked at Terry, and the smile went away, along with the friendly tone of voice. “Terry,” he commanded, snapping his fingers and pointing toward the floor in front of me. “Get over here. Say hello to your old friend Mike. Just like you’d say hello to one of us.”

Terry jumped into motion, responding to the tone of command in Denny’s voice. He literally ran around the end of the couch, and dropped to his knees right in front of me. He had a collar around his neck that I had somehow missed before, made of black leather with a chromed steel ring mounted on the front. Even more curious, I could see now that he wore a chromed steel device on his penis. It had a gleaming tube with a rounded end that seemed to enclose his entire organ, though it was so small I couldn’t see how. It had slots on the sides and a hole on the end for him to pee through. What it was for, and how it stayed on, I couldn’t fathom. I was still staring in shock when he reached into my lap with both hands and began unzipping my jeans.

He had me halfway unzipped before I recovered enough presence of mind to stop him. I laid a hand on top of one of his, and he froze, looking up at me. He was blushing, his face flushed a bright pink, and his expression was a cross between apologetic and pleading.

“Um, that’s not what I had in mind,” I said. “I really want to just talk to him.”

Lyle, sitting on my left, gently but firmly grasped my restraining hand and lifted it away from Terry’s. My other hand was holding a full beer, and there was nowhere to put it down.

“Of course,” said Denny, leaning forward, elbows on his knees. “By all means, talk to him. While you’re talking, he’s gonna show you his new trick. It’s fuckin’ amazing! You gotta see it. You won’t believe your eyes.”

As he spoke, Terry finished unzipping my jeans and reached a hand inside. “Hey,” I said, but I couldn’t think of anything else to say. This situation was out of control, and the sheer bizarreness of it had me completely at a loss. I was extremely intimidated by these big black men, and yet they were acting like this was all perfectly normal. And they were being nice to me, as though this were an ordinary visit from a friend.

Terry pulled my penis out over the top of my panties, out into the open air where everyone could see it. But before I could try to mount another protest, he dove forward and took it into his mouth. I felt his tongue licking away at the head of it while his lips formed a tight suction around the base and pulled it deeper into his mouth. I gasped at the sensation.

“I know, right?” said Denny with a grin. “The kid’s got talent. But just wait. That’s not the trick.”

The situation had somehow progressed far beyond awkward and into the realm of outrageous. I mean, I had come here expecting that Terry and I might very well end up sucking each other’s penises like we used to do back in tenth grade. But he was sucking me while this small crowd of scary black guys watched, and I was beginning to have some suspicions about their intentions. I was extremely nervous, and yes, I’ll admit it, scared to death. I didn’t want to be doing anything involving my penis in front of these guys. Plus, Terry was my best friend, and I was a little freaked out by the way he was acting. I still couldn’t tell if he was being this way of his own free will, or if they were forcing him to do it. Had they brainwashed him somehow, or maybe just terrified him into submission?

My thoughts were whirling with all these questions and emotions, and there was no room in my head for sexual arousal. That just wasn’t going to happen, so Terry was wasting his time sucking my dick like that. But, god, that felt good. He really was good at it. Way better than he’d been in tenth grade. I’d never felt anything like this before. In fact…

I was shocked to realize that my cock was stiffening in Terry’s mouth. Warmth and pleasure were growing and spreading through my loins in spite of the situation. Somehow, I was getting aroused. It was wrong on every level, I knew that. I needed to keep a cool head here, I needed to find a way to talk to Terry without all these scary guys looming over us, I needed to… what was the other thing?

Oh no, it was already getting hard to think. I could feel my cock swelling and hardening, Terry’s tongue dancing over its sensitive surfaces, his lips creating a powerful suction and sliding up and down the shaft. This couldn’t be happening! I lifted my head and looked around, trying to focus on something else, but all around me were amused and expectant faces, watching me getting sucked off against my will by my best friend. I felt my cheeks blazing as I blushed, and my eyes returned to Terry’s head bobbing up and down in my lap.

I hadn’t noticed when Lyle had released my free hand, but it was clenched at my side now. I raised it to Terry’s head, thinking to grab a handful of his hair and force his head up off of my cock, but when I had ahold of his hair and tried to pull up, he resisted. I couldn’t bring myself to pull harder, so my hand just ended up riding up and down with his head, up and down, up and down. Jesus Christ, his mouth felt good on my cock.

It was fully erect now, I realized with a sinking feeling. I had no control over it at all, and whatever these guys’ insidious plan was, I was helpless to resist. Terry sucked the head of it like a lollipop, rotating his head and creating crazy, irresistible friction. Then he paused, his mouth still full of my cock, and he looked up at me. I couldn’t tell what the look was intended to convey, and I just sat staring, my mouth open now as I panted.

“Here it comes!” said Denny, but I couldn’t remember what he’d been on about before, so it meant nothing to me.

Then Terry’s mouth slid down the shaft of my cock. His lips slid all the way down to the base of it, until they were pressed against my shaved pubis. He was swallowing my entire cock, taking it right down his throat, and the sensation was indescribable. I gasped, my eyes wide in surprise. He stayed down there, and I heard a choking sound as his gag reflex kicked in. As it did, I felt his throat constricting around my cock, a shockingly pleasurable sensation. He held himself there, my cock in his throat, making himself gag, and he wasn’t coming back up. He moved his head, bobbing slightly, twisting, his every move bringing me pleasure, but only increasing his own discomfort. Worried for him, I tugged at his hair, trying to pull his head up off of my cock, but again he resisted, and again I couldn’t bring myself to pull too hard. For almost a full minute he held my cock in his throat, until finally he lifted his head all the way off of his own accord. He threw his head back and sucked in a deep breath of air, then coughed a bit. Tears were running down his cheeks, and his face was flushed, but I thought I saw just the flash of a triumphant smile on his lips.

I stared dumbly, unable to say or do anything. My erection stood tall and proud in my lap, fully hard and excited, glistening with Terry’s saliva, for all to see.

“Wasn’t that something?” Denny enthused.

“What?” I said distractedly, my eyes on Terry’s face as he recovered.

“It’s a hell of a trick, man,” said Javaun. “We’re all really proud of him.”

“Damn straight,” chimed in Lyle. “Took weeks of training to teach him to do that. Kid’s a fuckin’ trooper.”

“A grade-A femboy,” agreed Al.

I stared at them, one after the other, and I couldn’t help picturing what their ‘weeks of training’ must have looked like. I pictured them taking turns, happily forcing their cocks down his throat and grinning as he gagged on them. I thought the image would evoke outrage in me, but somehow all I felt was a vague yearning. Perhaps it was my hard cock that was distorting my perceptions. Sometimes, when I was really horny, I had strange fantasies…

Before I could formulate any coherent opinion, Terry leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth again. I gasped at the sheer pleasure of it as he sucked and slurped, then plunged down to the base of it again, taking it into his throat. This time, instead of keeping it in his throat, he began raising and lowering his head, letting my cock slide up and down the length of his esophagus. The sensation was exquisite, and all I could do was sit and watch, gasping and panting at the sheer ecstasy of it. He kept it up for over a minute, finally pulling away and gasping for air once more, fresh tears in his eyes.

“That’s the other part of his trick,” said Denny. “Nice, isn’t it? Sometimes we make him greet us like that when we get home from work. Beats the hell out of a pipe and slippers.”

A few moments later Terry was again going down on my cock, though he’d barely recovered his breath from the last time.

“So,” said Denny, “was there something you wanted to ask your friend?”

My thoughts were so scattered that it took me a long moment to remember what he was talking about. Terry’s amazing blowjob was getting me so excited it was hard to think. But I forced myself to focus because this was important. “Yes,” I said firmly if a little breathlessly. “I need to know. Terry…are you doing this of your own free will? Is this really what you want?”

Terry kept going up and down on my cock, and I wasn’t sure he’d heard me. But eventually he came up for air, and after he’d filled his lungs a couple of times, he looked up at me with wide, wet, earnest eyes.

“Yes,” he whispered. “This is what I want.”

Then, with a deep breath, he swallowed my cock once more.

I believed him. In fact, I’d already begun to think, outrageous as all this was, that it must be something Terry really wanted. There was something in the way he was obeying the orders of these men that seemed strangely sincere. I didn’t think he was doing it out of fear.

But there was also another reason I believed him. Now that I’d begun to overcome the shock of it all, I was beginning to understand the sheer eroticism of Terry’s position. To be utterly subservient to a group of big, clearly dominant men, to be used as a sexual object by them, to be expected to take their cocks whenever they wanted… Extreme as his situation was, I could appreciate how appealing it might be to him. There had been a time when we had shared all our sexual fantasies, and sexual submission had been a common theme in all of them. Mine, too, I realized.

My libido was rising rapidly as I watched Terry’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. I think I was getting close to cumming, and I must have done something to reveal that, because Denny picked up on it.

“Okay, Terry,” he drawled, “I think he’s had enough. We don’t want to make him cum, now do we?”

Terry paused his movements for just a fraction of a second, then he resumed with a will, bouncing his nose against my belly as he swallowed every last millimeter of my cock. I think, in that moment, he desperately wanted me to cum in his throat.

Denny frowned. “Okay, that just won’t do,” he said. “I told you to say hello, not make him cum.”

Lyle reached over and grabbed a handful of Terry’s hair and forcefully lifted his head off my cock. Not content with that, he grabbed him by the shoulder and hip and effortlessly lifted him into the air. He lowered Terry’s body onto his lap with his bare bottom in the air, in the classic spanking position. Terry apparently knew what was coming, and began apologizing.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please, I’m so, so sorry…”

Ignoring his apologies, Lyle brought a big, rough hand down on Terry’s butt with a loud crack. Terry squealed like a little girl. Despite everything I’d just seen, this made me embarrassed for my friend. Lyle brought his hand down again, landing hard on the other cheek, and Terry squealed again, kicking his legs. The spanking continued, so close beside me that Terry’s head was actually in my lap.

“I’m sorry you had to see this,” said Denny, an uncomfortable expression on his face. “We require strict obedience, and there’s nothing like swift, immediate punishment to maintain proper decorum.”

Lyle’s heavy hand fell again and again on Terry’s naked bottom, and my friend squealed and kicked like a child. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides, but to his credit they never tried to cover his butt. The narrow cheeks were bright pink when the spanking finally stopped. Punishment over, Lyle stroked Terry’s sore cheeks soothingly, even affectionately. Terry rested his head in my lap, panting and whimpering. I think I even heard him sob once. It had all happened so fast and shocked me so much that I hadn’t even thought to put away my cock, and it still stood right beside Terry’s face, no more than an inch from his nose, fully erect. I confess, watching him being spanked had been strangely exciting for me.

“You know, to be fair,” said Lyle thoughtfully, “he only got a little carried away because he was so excited to see his best friend again. I think he just wanted to show his friend what he’s learned, and got so excited he couldn’t stop. That’s understandable.”

Denny smiled. “Are you calling for mitigation?”

“I think so, yeah,” said Lyle, still stroking Terry’s sore cheeks.

“I agree,” said Denny.

Each of the others nodded their assent. Whatever they were agreeing on, it appeared to be unanimous. With a smile, Lyle turned Terry over. Terry’s body was still draped across Lyle’s lap, but now he was face-up. For the first time, I was able to clearly see the metal device on Terry’s penis. It enclosed his dick entirely, I could see now, though I don’t know how it was made to fit inside that tiny tube. It was held in place by a steel ring that tightly encircled the base of his dick and balls.

“Okay, who’s got the key?” said Lyle.

“Oh, right, that’s me,” said Javaun, reaching into his pocket. “I took his dick out to play with it last Sunday.”

He passed a small silver key to Lyle, who inserted it into a tiny, discrete lock in the device. With a short, quick turn, the metal tube disconnected from the ring. Lyle pulled the tube off of Terry’s penis, which looked severely shrunken by its captivity. I couldn’t help staring. Lyle reached over to what looked like an ornate hand-lotion pump on the end table beside him, and after a single pump came back with a palm-full of lube. Terry shuddered and hissed through his teeth as Lyle took his tiny penis in hand.

I watched, fascinated, as Lyle manipulated Terry’s dick. It began to swell almost immediately, filling out and stiffening, rapidly becoming the normal, full-sized five-inch penis I remembered.

Like the spanking, this treatment was also strangely exciting to me. I watched Lyle stroking Terry’s dick, thoroughly engrossed by the action. I was still erect, and my cock was still sticking out of my pants, on full display, but I was so caught up in the drama happening beside me, I never even thought to put it away. At least, I think that’s why I hadn’t put it away.

“In case you were wondering,” said Denny, leaning toward me, “we decided to mitigate Terry’s punishment since his motivation for disobeying was excusable. This is usually his reward for being very, very good.”

I glanced at Denny, nodded, and returned my gaze to the mesmerizing motion of Lyle’s dark hand sliding up and down Terry’s helpless pink cock. He was only using two fingers and a thumb, the excited organ tiny in the man’s big hand. Terry was starting to pant again. He lay with his head in my lap, one arm covering his eyes, his legs splayed wide over the end of the couch. Lyle stroked his penis steadily, masturbating him, and Terry was growing more excited by the moment. Without warning, he turned his head to the side and began licking my exposed erection. I gasped at the sudden pleasure.

Denny leaned forward. “Terry had a question he wanted to ask you, as well,” he said. “Terry, I think now might be a good time.”

Terry stopped licking my cock and focused his eyes on me. He blushed and began to stammer. “I wanted…I mean, I was hoping…hoping that you would…um…that you’d maybe like to move in with me. And be like me. And we could be slaveboys together.”

I stared at him, speechless. I couldn’t even fully process what he’d said. Everything I’d seen since I’d arrived was overwhelming. Some of it was even horrifying. I couldn’t begin to imagine what such a life would be like.

I felt a hand touching my naked penis then, yanking me back to the here-and-now. Javaun’s huge, powerful hand was wrapped around my erection and starting to stroke it. There was lube in his palm, and the slippery friction made me shiver with pleasure, even as my stomach convulsed in sudden fear. I grabbed his wrist in an instinctive attempt to stop him, but my arm was strangely weak, and I barely hindered his steady up and down movement. I squirmed in my seat, whimpering, and I think I had some vague idea of trying to escape, but I didn’t seem to have enough conviction to actually put up a fight. He put his nearer arm around my shoulders, pulling me in tight against his body, and I heard his deep chuckle in my ear.

“Relax, femboy,” his voice rumbled. “It ain’t so bad, is it?”

I was scared, but I was excited at the same time. It was the weirdest sensation. I felt trapped, enclosed in his strong arms, and with Lyle so close against me on the other side, Denny leaning in from in front of me, and Sam and Al looming in the background, I knew there was no escape. I felt entirely overwhelmed. I had Terry’s head in my lap, and he was moaning as Lyle stroked his dick, and Javaun stroked my own cock slowly but relentlessly. I became aware that I was making strange, distressed noises, but I wasn’t able to form intelligible words.

Suddenly Terry was squealing and thrashing, and I didn’t know what was happening until I saw a streamer of semen shoot into the air. Lyle smiled, and someone else started laughing as the naked femboy came, wriggling and squirting helplessly sprawled across Lyle’s lap. Terry’s cum splashed across his own chest and belly, thin ribbons of white on his pale hairless skin.

Lyle waited until Terry’s orgasm was done and he lay panting in the aftermath, his slender chest heaving. His penis softened and shrank, and when it was small enough, Lyle stuffed it back into its tiny steel capsule and locked it closed, the key disappearing into his pocket. Then Lyle picked him up and rose to his feet. Effortlessly, he turned Terry over and deposited him on his hands and knees on the couch where he’d been sitting. He slapped him on his bare ass, which was still pink from the spanking.

“Scoot to the end of the couch, boy, and stick it out for me,” he said.

Terry obeyed instantly, urgently shuffling backwards on his knees until his feet hung over the end of the sectional, then he thrust his butt out so that it, too, stuck out past the edge. He lowered himself onto his elbows, so his pink bottom was the highest part of his body. The look on his face was one of consternation, but if he had concerns, he hadn’t let them affect his obedience.

Lyle stood behind him, unbuckling his belt. When the big man dropped his pants, I think I gasped audibly at the sight of his cock. I had thought Al’s cock was huge, but Lyle’s was a monster. I swear it was as thick as my wrist, and fifteen inches long if it was an inch. He pumped a double load of lube from the dispenser on the end table, and began anointing his gargantuan tool. He took his time, rubbing its full length until it glistened. It hardened and rose a bit as he stroked it, but it never achieved full stiffness. The blunt, purple head of the thing was the size of a tennis ball, but with a wide flange around its crest. Thick veins decorated the shaft.

I stared, horrified, as he pressed that giant cockhead between Terry’s widespread butt-cheeks. I could hardly believe he was actually going to put it inside my friend, and I feared for Terry’s safety. Terry closed his eyes when he felt Lyle’s cock press against his anus. Lyle gripped his shaft close to the tip, and began to push. Terry’s hands closed into fists, his eyes clenching tightly shut, stress lines forming between his brows. He began to whine as the pressure increased. Lyle was leaning into him now, adding his weight to the struggle. I held my breath as the moment stretched on and on.

Terry’s anus yielded abruptly, giving up its resistance and somehow stretching itself around the outsized invader. Terry squealed in sudden pain, his body clenching, but several inches of the cock slipped inside him.

I looked desperately around at the faces of the other men, wondering why no one was stopping this terrible violation, and I found them all watching me, amused expressions on their faces. I realized that, incredible as it seemed, Terry must have to take Lyle’s cock regularly, and to them this was no big deal. I turned my eyes back to Terry, blushing. Javaun’s hand continued to slowly stroke my cock, and god help me, it was still rock-hard in his hand.

Lyle waited patiently as Terry tried to adjust to the penetration. After half a minute, the femboy’s agonized groans gave way to shallow panting. That was good enough for Lyle. He leaned forward again, shoving several more inches into Terry’s hole. Terry cried out again, but stopped when the cock paused in its inward push once more. No more than half of the thing was in, and I saw that when Terry opened his eyes, they were wet with tears.

“Lyle’s got one of the biggest cocks here,” Javaun said softly into my ear. “See how he has to put it in a little at a time? We all have big cocks. Mostly, we just bend the femboy over and stick it in whenever we feel like it, but the guys with the really big cocks have to go in carefully. Terry has to satisfy all of us, so we’re always careful not to hurt him.”

Lyle started rocking back and forth, sliding that glistening pole in and out just an inch or two. Terry groaned with each little movement, and as I watched, Lyle began working more and more cock into Terry’s ass. Each tiny thrust was just a little deeper, and Terry was painfully aware of every inch. He groaned with each thrust, and now there were tears wetting his cheeks. I was so intent on watching Terry’s flushed, straining face that I didn’t realize Lyle had worked his entire length into my friend’s bowels. I stared. It hardly seemed possible, but Lyle’s hips were flush against Terry’s narrow butt, and somehow that entire massive organ was now inside the whimpering femboy’s body.

Lyle began to fuck him now, with long, slow strokes. His cock was still a bit flexible, and he had to use his hand sometimes to keep it going straight in. Terry groaned and wailed with every stroke, his hands clutching the fabric of the couch, his thighs often quivering visibly, but he kept his butt in position and never tried to pull away.

As I watched Terry’s violation, at the back of my mind there was a knot of fear, and it kept my muscles taut, my belly trembling. I had been given enough clues to figure out that these men intended to do to me what they’d been doing to Terry all these weeks. They wanted to bend me over and stuff their gigantic black cocks into my ass, just like Lyle was doing to Terry right now. I kept imagining myself in Terry’s position, a giant cock plunging to and fro inside me, and the terror of that image kept me squirming in my seat. At least, it started out as terror. Other emotions kept creeping in, confusing me. My mind was becoming a chaotic whirlwind.

What Lyle was doing to my best friend was shocking, terrible, and frightening, yet it was also enthralling. Horrified as I was, I couldn’t look away. I watched as that massive, glistening log disappeared again and again into Terry’s bowels, going so deep it must have been poking at the walls of his stomach, yet he was surviving it somehow. The size disparity between that giant chocolate-brown organ and Terry’s slender white buttocks was surreal, like watching an optical illusion, yet I knew that it was really happening.

Javaun’s hand sliding up and down my helpless erection was relentless. I struggled fitfully, but at that point I don’t think I truly wanted to escape. The pleasure of it was insidious, and my arousal was dominating my senses.

But as I sat there, watching my friend getting fucked by that massive black cock right in front of me, seeing his brave, unquestioning submission to his masters, there was something else happening deep inside me. Terry’s situation was having a profound psychological effect on me.

It wasn’t just that it was tremendously arousing. It made me yearn, deep in my soul, to experience that kind of submission myself. I had only ever felt brief glimpses of that feeling in my life, but I had feared to explore those dark depths within me. Now, in this place, watching these big black men dominate and use my best friend, I began to realize that it was something I wanted, too. Deep in my psyche, buried there for years and rarely ever seen, there was a secret desire for submission. Terry had known, he’d seen it in me when we’d played together years ago. I had denied it all my life, but I could deny it no longer.

Javaun must have felt my body relaxing and giving in to his ministrations, because he shifted, moving closer and getting a better angle on my erection. I removed my hand from his wrist, letting him have full control. He, in turn, unbuttoned my shirt and slipped his fingers inside to toy with my nipple.

Meanwhile, only three feet away, Terry began groaning louder as Lyle started fucking him harder and faster than before. No longer taking him in long, slow strokes, Lyle was now withdrawing only four or five inches of his enormous cock, then driving it back in until his hips bounced again the femboy’s bottom-cheeks. He no longer had to hold his cock to keep it going in straight, and was free to grip Terry’s slim hips in his big, strong hands, pulling the femboy into his thrusts. The sight of that enormously thick, glistening shaft sundering Terry’s slender bottom-cheeks was still shockingly, disturbingly unbelievable, and I had to keep staring at it to convince myself it was really happening.

Javaun was sliding his hand up and down my erection more slowly now, lightly teasing me rather than squeezing and stroking. He had made one of my nipples pebble-hard and moved to the other one, and when he licked my ear I gasped at the sensation but didn’t pull away. When I glanced toward Denny, I saw him looking intently at Javaun and nodding. They were apparently having a non-verbal exchange. A moment later, Javaun released my cock and unwound his arm from my shoulders.

“Okay, Mike,” he rumbled. “I think it’s time for you to take these clothes off.”

I didn’t argue. I hesitated for a long moment, mustering my courage. I was scared, but I had made a decision. This was something I wanted. Finally I sat up and finished unbuttoning my shirt. But when I started to pull it off my shoulders, he stopped me.

“Stand there and undress for us,” he said, pointing to the floor in front of him. “So we can all see.”

I stood up, and turned to face him. I was trembling now, truly terrified at what I was getting myself into, yet at the same time I was elated that I was actually able to make myself do it. I really wanted to do this, I was sure of it now, but I had to overcome my fear somehow. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I wore nothing underneath, and I had shaved my body and legs before coming here, so my chest was smooth, pale and hairless. My tiny pink nipples were still hard from Javaun’s teasing.

Forcing my trembling fingers to cooperate, I fumbled my belt buckle open, then unbuttoned the front of my jeans. I was already unzipped, my erection sticking out, but when I started to pull down my jeans, I revealed that I was wearing black silk-like panties, pulled down just enough to let my cock poke out over the top, and a black garter belt with tiny red bows on it. I kicked off my shoes, and pushed my jeans down to my ankles, and now they could see my coffee-colored stockings with the seams down the back. I was shaking pretty hard now, and I didn’t trust myself to take my jeans off properly without falling over, so I just stood there, trying to work them off with my feet. I fought the instinct to cover my stiff, bobbing cock with my hands. They felt awkward, and I didn’t know what to do with them, so I put them behind me and clasped them together as if they were bound there. That felt right.

I finally kicked free of my jeans, and stood in front of Javaun in my lingerie, blushing madly, shaking like a leaf. His dark eyes traveled up and down my body, and he smiled.

It had been more than three years since I had indulged my secret femboy fantasies with Terry. I had all but forgotten them, and dated three different girls since then. Yet here I was, wearing women’s lingerie and submitting myself to these big black men. It was absurd, possibly the most ill-advised thing I had ever done, at least that’s what my logical, rational mind was telling me. But there was another part of me that was in control now, a part I had squelched for far too long.

“I’ll go get the cuffs from the toybox,” said Denny softly from behind me. “And a collar.”

Javaun made a twirling motion with his finger, and I knew what he wanted. I turned slowly, letting him inspect my body from every angle. I’m pretty skinny, but for some reason I have a kind of a round butt. I think he liked it, because he was smiling when I came back around.

“Get down on your knees,” he said, and I did. He wiggled his finger for me to come closer, and I did.

Javaun sat forward and ran his fingers lightly up and down my body, like he was taking stock of his new possession. His fingertips sliding up and down my ribs made me shiver involuntarily. Behind me, Denny put thick leather cuffs around my wrists, and locked them together with a snap. Javaun toyed with my penis, which was still rock-hard, while Denny put a leather collar around my neck, and I heard a lock click into place at the back. Javaun slipped my panties down and cupped my balls in his palm, and I was glad I had shaved them so carefully that morning.

And all the while, just a few feet away, Lyle was plundering Terry’s bowels with his giant fifteen-inch cock, slamming it in now and making him squeal and groan. Terry seemed barely coherent, his overgrown bangs all but hiding his eyes, but I caught him looking up at me as I knelt in front of Javaun in my lingerie, and despite his travails, he smiled for just a moment.

After a few minutes, Javaun sat back on the couch, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was huge and hard and black. It was not as big as Lyle’s mutant monster, but as cocks go it was really, really big.

“Suck my cock,” he said, his tone a more commanding one than he’d used before.

Trembling, still a bit hesitant, I obeyed. Leaning forward over his lap, I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I began sucking it as best I knew how. The only cock I had ever sucked was Terry’s, and it had been years. That big black rubbery knob felt alien in my mouth, but I wanted, more than anything, to please him, so I pushed past the strangeness and forced myself to pleasure it. I caressed it with my tongue, no doubt clumsily. I closed my lips around the shaft, just below the flange, and tried to create a suction.

Javaun let me struggle with it for a while, then I felt his big hands settle around the crown of my head. He began moving my head up and down, forcing his huge knob slowly back and forth inside my mouth. It pushed against the back of my throat, making me gag, but I didn’t try to pull away. There was something about the way his hands felt, firmly enclosing my head, controlling me, that was strangely exciting. It made me want to please him, and I tried my best to swallow his cock despite the urgent gag reflex.

I tried for a long time, but I never quite managed to get his cock into my throat. My efforts did, at least, make the huge organ fairly hard, and when he lifted my head up off of it, it lay against his belly, thick and swollen, only the top five inches glistening with my spit.

It was as though I had been submerged for a long time, and as I became aware of the world around me once more, I heard Terry’s urgent cries as Lyle continued to fuck him. Terry’s face was flushed, his cheeks wet with tears, his eyes closed, mouth open. His whole body jounced under the impact of each thrust as Lyle’s hips slammed into his buttocks once every second. He was fucking him hard and fast now, and Terry wasn’t aware of anything but that monster cock pounding away inside him. Again I was mesmerized by the sight of Lyle’s impossibly thick, dark brown log splitting those comparatively tiny, slightly pink white-boy cheeks. The contrast in both size and color was endlessly astonishing, and more than a little arousing.

Javaun picked me up and lifted me bodily into his lap. It was an odd and affecting sensation to be handled like that, and almost made me feel like a child in his big, strong hands. I landed face-down, my bottom raised as it lay across his thighs. I was in the same position on his lap that Terry had been spanked in a short while ago, and I squirmed in sudden alarm.

Javaun made soothing noises as he arranged me on his lap. His thighs came together, trapping my erection between them, while my own thighs were spread well apart. His hands caressed my bottom-cheeks, his long fingers slipping easily between them to tease my cringing anus. I whimpered as I realized his intentions, and squirmed for a different reason. It was pointless, of course, but I couldn’t help it.

I heard the sound of the lube dispenser being pumped twice, and then Javaun’s finger, slippery now, began rimming my tender virgin anus. I was trembling again, and my little hole clenched in fright as he stroked it. Terry’s face was now only inches away from mine, but he was lost in his own world as Lyle pounded his bowels. I choked out a little yelp as Javaun’s thick forefinger pierced my anus, slipping easily up inside despite its frantic clenching.

It was a strange sensation for me. I confess I had inserted my fingers and various objects in there while masturbating, but somehow this felt entirely different. With my hands cuffed together in the small of my back, my body pinned down in Javaun’s lap and entirely at his mercy, his finger as it penetrated me was a statement, a pronouncement of my own helplessness. As it probed the interior of my rectum, I felt an exquisite, rarified sensation of submission come over me. I had already submitted myself to this fate a while ago, but something about having my bottom violated really brought it home to me. I had given myself to Javaun, to all these men, and they were going to use my body as they pleased.

Javaun’s fingers explored the insides of my nervous little hole at great length, gradually working two and then three fingers into me, stretching and pulling at my tight anal ring until it was soft and pliable. I couldn’t seem to control my squirming or the involuntary whimpers that came from deep within my psyche. With my every movement, my lubed penis wriggled between Javaun’s thighs, the rough fabric of his jeans creating a slightly painful friction that, despite the discomfort, kept me rock-hard.

“He’s ready,” said Javaun at last.

Several pairs of hands lifted me, turned me in the air. I saw that Denny was holding me now, smiling down at me, and then he was sitting on the couch and I was lying on his lap, on my back with my legs in the air. My panties, that had been tangled around my thighs, were whisked away, and my legs were lifted and spread until my knees were practically in my armpits. My butt was lifted high, and the way my legs were drawn back, my cheeks were spread as wide as they could be. Denny was holding me, his arms comfortably pinning my legs in place, my weight resting on his thighs, my head on his lean belly. He had undressed at some point, his skin warm against my arms and back, his enormous semi-erect cock lolling against my cheek. Sam was sitting close now, close enough to casually stroke my fully displayed erection with a fresh handful of lube. On the other side of me, Lyle was still pumping Terry’s bottom with gusto, Terry’s cries having devolved into grunts at this point.

Javaun stood before me, skinning out of his clothes. In seconds he stood naked, his powerful muscular body revealed in all its dark tattooed glory. He lubed up his cock, smiling down at my splayed anus. His cock really was enormous, and I shuddered at the realization that he was about to put it in me.

When he was ready he stepped forward. Denny lifted my butt a few inches higher, and Javaun pressed the bulbous head of his cock against the sphincter he’d prepared so thoroughly. Gradually he pressed harder.

“Relax,” he said softly. “This will hurt more if you’re tense.”

I tried to relax. I really did try, but my anus was nervous all on its own. The pressure began to hurt, and I heard myself starting to whine. Then my reluctant orifice gave way, and Javaun’s cock surged through. I squealed in pain as he buried several inches inside me. He paused and waited, standing there with his cock stuck partway into my bottom-hole.

At first all I could feel was the pain. It was terrible, and I thought I had made a really bad mistake in allowing them to do this to me. I squirmed, I struggled, I groaned like an animal in its death throes. But Denny held me in position easily, Sam confused my senses by continuing to stroke my dick, and Javaun waited almost two minutes for my agonized whining to wind down. Finally I was panting shallowly, the agony of the stretching of my anus having dulled down to a manageable degree of discomfort.

Javaun began to move his cock inside me. At first the movements were tiny, an in-and-out of less than an inch. I was okay with that. He gradually extended his thrusts, going to two inches, then three. I groaned and whined, but it wasn’t terrible. I felt him going deeper, probing a part of me that had never been probed during my auto-erotic experimentation. He went deeper still, and I panicked a little bit as the pain increased. He began sliding in and out in longer, slower strokes, enjoying the path already blazed.

I was overwhelmed by such a cacophony of conflicting sensations and emotions I became incoherent. The pain of my stretched anus had diminished to almost nothing, but there was another pain now, perhaps more of a pressure, that dominated my senses. But along with it there was a strange, intense twinge of pleasure, and it was entwined so completely with the pain that I could hardly tell where one left off and the other began. The morass of my whirling emotions I couldn’t even begin to decipher or describe.

It was all more than I could bear, and yet, as it went on and on, I found I didn’t want it to stop. That ecstatic feeling of submission that had thrilled me before was coming on strong now, and I found myself wanting to give myself to these men no matter the pain. At some moments I felt I actually wanted it to hurt. As Javaun gradually began to fuck me harder, I heard myself crying out, but even I couldn’t tell if I was crying in pain or pleasure. Denny held me in place despite my fitful struggles, Javaun’s huge cock plunged in and out of me with greater and greater abandon, and when I tried to look up at him I found my eyes full of tears, making his image swim before me. It was chaos.

I don’t know how long it went on. At some point, Terry’s cries hit a crescendo, and Lyle came at last, pounding his massive cock into Terry’s ass as hard as he could. Terry collapsed on the couch, quivering and sobbing.

By then, Javaun was hammering hard into me, thrusting his whole entire length into my entrails. When I had a coherent moment I wondered how it was possible, and later concluded that he must have somehow rearranged my bowels with his cock, giving himself a straight track. He went at it for an interminably long time, and when he finally pounded out a mighty orgasm and withdrew, I was left gasping and unable to discern how I felt about it.

I wasn’t given long to recover. Denny’s cock had become fully hard while he was holding me for Javaun, and during the last half of it I had been intermittently aware of it bouncing against my ear or sliding against my cheek. Now he was ready to have a go at me himself. He firmly placed me on my knees and elbows on the couch, knelt behind me, and after quickly lubing up, began stuffing his cock into me.

Denny’s cock was bigger than Javaun’s, and there was a bit of painful adjustment as it sank slowly into me. I groaned and whimpered a bit, but he didn’t wait long before he began fucking in and out, and once he started doing that I became incoherent again. The experience of being fucked was so overwhelming to me, the emotional chaos so debilitating, that I simply couldn’t think. I became like an animal, responding instinctively to every stimulus. I heard myself groaning, but again I had no idea if they were groans of pain or pleasure.

In the midst of it, Sam sat himself down right in front of me with his cock out, and ordered me to suck it for him. All I had to do was lower my head and open my mouth, and there it was. But getting it into my mouth was the easy part. Denny was thundering away in my tender rectum, and my brain was a scrambled egg. I tried to suck it properly, but it was impossible.

Al came to the rescue. He decided to fuck Terry again, but first he positioned Terry so that he, too, was in position to suck Sam’s cock, but from the other side. Sam sat back with a happy sigh as both Terry and I began licking his cock, Terry from the left, and I from the right. Licking proved to be far easier for me, and I went at it with a will, and Terry matched me lick for lick. Terry and I had never kissed, but now, with nothing but a thick black cock between us and our tongues slurping away at it, it was almost as if we were kissing each other. I liked that thought.

Denny’s cock plundered my virgin bowels mercilessly now. The agony was terrible, but there was pleasure, too. I was only vaguely aware of the rhythmic groans coming from my mouth, so I was shocked when I realized I was sobbing. My eyes were wet with tears, and Sam’s big black cock swam in my vision, but I kept licking it for all I was worth.

Denny fucked me long and hard, apparently not at all concerned with my tears. Just on the other side of Sam’s cock, Al was fucking Terry, sliding that long python of a cock in and out between those narrow pink cheeks with a steady, relentless cadence. We had been going on like that for some time when I heard the front door close, and a new voice spoke.

“Whoah, I see Terry’s little friend made it!”

“Dayam,” said another voice, “y’all didn’t waste any time getting him onboard with the program!”

Shocked, I turned my head and blinked the tears from my eyes. There were two more black men in the room, slipping their jackets off and grinning at me. What was going on here?

The nearest of the newcomers frowned, tilting his head to peer at me. “You didn’t tell the new femboy about us?”

Denny’s cock slowed, then paused its brutal battering of my tender bowels. “We haven’t really made our offer yet,” said Denny. “Mike here was in the mood, and we didn’t want to lay too much on him right away.”

The newcomer knelt beside me, looking closely at my face, then at the rest of my body. “Well, he passes inspection as far as I’m concerned,” he said. “He’ll look cute as hell with some mascara on those big blue eyes.”

“Yeah,” said the other one from behind him. “He’s as hot as Terry said he is. I’m all in!”

“Well, I think it’s unanimous then,” said Denny. “We just need to wait for Milo, Duke and Xavier to weigh in when they get off work.”

With that he resumed fucking me, plunging his cock into the depths of my bowels and back out again at the same pace he’d held before the interruption. I wailed pitifully, his massive member once more becoming the center of my world.

I had only been semi-coherent during the brief conversation, but I did manage to glean that there were more guys on the way. How many did that make? I couldn’t focus my mind enough to count, but I knew it was a lot. Good god, were they all going to fuck me?

Denny’s cock surged to and fro inside me, pushing and pulling at my insides. I was groaning continuously now, I think. I licked Sam’s huge black cock clumsily, mindlessly, until Terry opened his mouth and engulfed the head of the thing. He held it in there only briefly, then released it and went back to licking. I tried to match his feat, opening wide and taking the head of Sam’s cock into my mouth. I managed to get a little suction going, just for a moment, but between my lack of skill and the overwhelming distraction of the cock in my bottom, I’m sure it was a pathetic attempt. At least I didn’t bite him. I went back to licking the shaft after that.

I lost track of time. I was vaguely aware of big black men moving around me, the deep rumble of voices saying things I was too far gone to process. At some point Denny pumped a load of semen into me and withdrew, but less than a half-minute later there was another giant black cock pushing into me, stretching and filling me. The fucking continued.

At some point I noticed that there was a different man fucking Terry, but I hadn’t noticed the change. There seemed to be a lot of men in the room now, but with my ass in the air and a cock in front of my face I mainly perceived them as legs and feet. Whoever was fucking me suddenly accelerated their pace, pounding me hard, and again I found myself sobbing, but I didn’t want him to stop. I heard him groan, and then, after a minute, felt his cock slide out of me, leaving me empty, and somehow that distressed me more than the brutal pounding he’d given me. But within moments there was a fresh cock going in, an especially big one, and though the pain of it brought tears to my eyes once more, I wanted it more than I ever wanted anything in my life.

It went on and on, one cock after another, with me slipping in and out of coherence. At some point I noticed that the cock I was licking wasn’t Sam’s any longer, it was someone I didn’t know, and I hadn’t noticed the exchange. Cocks squirted inside my bowels, withdrew and were replaced by a new one, so many times I lost count. I remember at least two different times that I found myself kissing Terry, full-on, open-mouthed, tongue-dueling kissing, and just when I was really getting into it, a giant black cock intruded, a new, dry one that needed the attentions of our mouths.

I don’t know how many times I was fucked that day. It went on late into the night, non-stop, one cock after another. I’m sure some of the men had me several times. I was turned this way and that, turned over, turned back, and always there was another cock, big, hard and black, waiting to push its way into my aching hole. I don’t know how it happened, considering how bad I am at sucking cock, but I even found myself swallowing semen at one point. I remember only brief moments from all those hours. Nevertheless, by the end of it all, I was addicted.

At the end of it all I found myself sprawled on the couch, a thick towel under my butt to catch the flow of semen running out of me. Terry knelt at my feet, idly stroking my tired, flaccid penis. It had been erect much of the day, but was mostly ignored. I’d been fucked for twelve hours, but had never cum, and somehow I was okay with that.

Around me there were no less than ten big black men, most of them naked, lounging on chairs, the couch, and on big pillows on the floor. The youngest of them were in their mid-twenties, the oldest in his fifties, but they were all in good physical shape, virile, and hung.

They had all, apparently, decided I was pretty enough, and sexual enough, to be accepted into the role they had in mind for me. Once he was sure I was coherent once again, Denny made his offer.

“We are a small commune of men with particular tastes,” he explained. “There are now ten of us, but that number may go up to twelve soon, when the building reaches capacity. You see, I own this apartment building, and I only rent its rooms to men who share my sexual preferences.

This apartment is reserved for our resident femboy… or femboys. As one of the benefits of living in the building, any of my tenants may come to this apartment and use our communal femboys. Thus our unusual sexual needs are met, without having to spend time searching.”

He looked around, and received nods and smiles from his satisfied tenants. “For the femboys we take in, we pool our money and cover their every expense. This includes hormone treatments as they transition. It also includes a college education. Whatever degree you choose or however far you wish to go, we pool our funding to keep you in school. We require a high grade point average, and we provide motivation to achieve it…as Terry found out, if your grades slip, you’ll be punished regularly until they improve.

“From you, we require absolute obedience. You will learn to be a perfect subservient slaveboy like Terry, with the skills needed to satisfy us. You will be used by us whenever we choose, except for homework time. Sometimes that can be a lot. We’re men of great appetites, and sometimes you can end up being our plaything for hours at a time.

“Your friend Terry has been an exemplary slaveboy, but handling the sexual needs of ten healthy men has been a bit of a strain on his stamina. This is why we have decided to take on a second femboy, and Terry recommended you. If you accept, you will live here with him, and the two of you will be our resident slaveboys together. We will come at all hours, and use you as we please. It won’t be an easy life, but it will be a fulfilling one. And when you finish school, we will help you start a new life as a trans girl, and recruit a new femboy for our use.”

I thought about what such a life would be like. To always be available to men like these, to have them drop in any time they please and fuck me stupid, like they had done for the last twelve hours. To be a submissive sexual plaything to ten or twelve big black men every single day…

I looked down at Terry, and he silently mouthed the words “Please, please, please,” pleading desperation in his eyes. He was my best friend, after all… But who was I kidding?

“I’ll do it,” I said, and I knew it was what I truly wanted, for Terry… and for me.

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