Evolution and sexual polarity leads to white demise

West African men evolved in a searingly hot tropical climate in the global South with abundant natural resources which led to an extremely dangerous, chaotic, and competitive environment for men to breed. The only law was the law of the jungle; life was fast, brutal, and winner-takes-all. There were few restrictions on the sexual freedom of West African women so they invariably sought to mate with the toughest warrior-studs.

This selected genetically for a rapidly-maturing race of men with higher testosterone, elevated physical dominance and aggression, lower inhibitions, more muscle, and defined features, less body fat, longer arms and legs, denser bones, faster and more explosive reflexes, deeper voices, larger cocks, greater sexual drive, stamina and potency, better natural rhythm and dark skin, making West African men the most virile and primally masculine of all races.

As for their polar opposite in the North, Nordic women evolved in a very cold climate with much scarcer natural resources; a grueling ecological background that compelled Nordic men intent on survival to co-operate, plan ahead, solve problems, work industriously and build an artificial environment which suppressed nature’s chaotic brutality. These societies were characterized by rigid social codes and laws, female chastity before marriage, lifelong monogamy for both sexes, reduced male competition and violence, low infant mortality, strong private property rights, and technological innovation.

By restricting the sexual freedom of Nordic women, curbing male competition, and building a much safer environment under patriarchy, primal masculine virility gradually became less necessary for white men to secure a mate and pass on their genes. Nordic men exerted vastly greater genetic selective pressure over their females which created a race of women with exquisite feminine traits: striking natural beauty, softer bones, gentler voices, a calmer, more modest and submissive temperament, an extraordinary diversity of hair, and eye colors and porcelain skin. No race of women better incarnates the form of pure, ethereal femininity than the Nordic woman.

It’s a great historical irony but it was European man’s technology, civilization, and political systems which genetically, socially, and psychologically castrated him and brought tens of millions of virile black men into his historic homelands in close geographic proximity with his white women, gave women and non-whites equal or superior rights and freedoms and his own electronic gadgets which broadcast the evidence of the black man’s physical and sexual superiority everywhere around the world with professional sports, pop music, entertainment, and pornography.

When Africa and Europe were geographically isolated there were no black men around to compare against and white men were secure in their masculinity. The opposite of a white woman was a white man, the yang to her yin. However, the ending and then reversal of colonization and slavery: the opening of white borders to tens of millions of black men and their subsequent racial integration along liberal-egalitarian lines threw white male/female sexual unity and polarity off. White males found themselves in the psychologically ambiguous position of feeling terror toward tough packs of vengeful black thugs in schools, streets, and prisons, homoerotic jealousy of the phenomenally well-endowed black studs pumping beautiful white girls into ecstasy on their screens and in real life and pathetically fawning over and hero-worshipping the top black stars who out-competed the best men of his own race in speed/power sports and pop music. Black men gradually replaced white men as many of the icons of masculinity in white culture and as real men in the minds of white women, who increasingly abandoned flaccid, boring, passionless white sex and liberated themselves with hot, sweaty, bestial Jungle Sex. The apex of femininity post-integration was still white but the new idols of masculinity were black, leaving white men increasingly out of the picture as a kind of confused, frustrated third sex; an increasingly idle, impotent, androgynous spectator in-between real masculinity and authentic femininity.

It’s poetic but also true that the most virile, masculine men of any race are black West African and that the most angelic, feminine women are white Nordic. Even setting aside historical and contemporary racial conflict, sexually repressive patriarchy, cultural taboos (which just serve to further reinforce these explosive dynamics), and biological sexual polarity is greatest between masculine black men and feminine white women. The virility of West African men and the beauty of Nordic women functions as a supernormal stimulus for attraction as neither experienced an opposite type so feminine or masculine in their evolutionary history. Hence the susceptibility of white women to “Jungle Fever”: a sexual addiction characterized by insane lust, ecstatic delirium, and hyper-feminine worship of black masculinity.

Whites of both sexes have become enamored with black physical and sexual superiority. A sterile, aging, receding Europe will be made fecund once again by the exponentially growing demographic power of Africa and its dark invaders as tens of millions of fertile white women use their wombs to produce the mixed-race children who will inherit the feminized white man’s continent. The core of a true woman’s being implores pure surrender to dark masculine strength; to let go, submit totally and admit to herself the deepest bodily and spiritual fulfillment. This reverse-colonization or Africanization incarnates the inevitable destruction of a decadent, weary, emasculated Western civilization and a return to the primal thrill and barbaric carnality of the jungle: Masculine Black Fire melting Feminine White Ice in billions of convulsive, full-body, earth-shattering orgasms.

6 thoughts on “Evolution and sexual polarity leads to white demise

  1. I will admit to all white females of my white inferiority of all aspects of my life and speak to her of a very likely attractive, virile and physical satisfaction, not capable by most white men, in the company of nearly any black man, regardless of age. John

  2. It is my dream to visit each African nation and see which culture I like the best to join as a wife including which if any will have me. I am looking for a financial donor for this tour to be recorded for the library annals

  3. I am 59 years old but wish to offer my womb as a surrogate to produce more of these children iam grateful of the science to ensure these precious embryos can be given life within me for the cause

  4. Hello and do you know why some couples married seek each other for conversation of the science experiment with Christian Priest oversight and others go to Africa for the things you have stated in so may words please blog more on your thoughts about who is right who is wrong and what everyone needs met

  5. I will look for a black man in the Nordic prison system to date thank you for your advice If you have a list of eligible bachelors please post

  6. I will look for a black man in the Nordic prison system to date thank you for your advice If you have a list of eligible bachelors please post

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