How interracial pornography makes the world less white

As of 2016, big black dick is women’s 4th most popular pornhub search (1st straight) in the United States, black is 7th. BBC queen Kim Kardashian & Mandingo are women’s top female and male pornstars respectively. Lesbian-related searches always fill the top spots but most white girls have the misfortune of living around a lot of white guys, so who can blame them! Kim K. has been the no.1 female performer since records began 3 years ago but black male performers have been rapidly rising through the ranks of female desire. As of 2016, black men constitute the 1st, 5th, 9th and 10th most popular male pornstars for women. The respective numbers for big black dick and black were 12th and 15th in 2014 and 16th and 4th in 2015. Since 2014, the consistent trend has been that women are watching more interracial porn every year. It will be interesting to see whether the same is true of 2017 when the new stats are released within the next two weeks.

American women’s most popular “big” search by a margin of more than 2:1 is big black dick, which strongly implies that their searches for “big dick” are largely proxies for big black dick. U.S. women make up a quarter of pornhub traffic but are 46% more likely than men to search for “big dick”.

States with more black men like Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama have a consistently higher frequency of “big dick” searches. This could indicate one or both of two things; 1. white women are more interested in getting fucked by black studs when more of them are around. 2. black women are searching for “big dick” porn at significantly higher rates than white women. The first point seems intuitively true and the latter false but there’s another interesting fact hidden in the data; many states with a low percentage of black men have a very high volume of searches for “big dick” porn. This is especially true in Nevada, Alaska, and lily-white South Dakota where legions of wannabe snowbunnies are dying for some dark meat.

20 years ago it was very rare for a WF performer to do IR. Now 80-85% of the top white female stars on pornhub including formerly white-only ho’s like Adriana Chechnik, Nicole Aniston and Mia Malkova are getting fucked by black men and pressure has been brought to bear on the few suspected racists who have rejected BBC. Many white female pornstars have stated or clearly hold a preference for black men, including Leah Gotti, Riley Reid, Lisa Ann, Juelz Ventura, Valentina Nappi, Shawna Lenee, Alana Rae, Leya Falcon, Sophie Dee, Gianna Michaels, and Tori Black (and who could be more competent judges of male sexual prowess?) Opinion polls regularly show that interracial relationships are not opposed or are actively supported by around 90% of the white population, although the honest figure is likely to be somewhat lower, at least among racist white boys who have come up short and can’t compete. Still, this is a massive cultural shift since the late 50’s when interracial relationships were frowned on by all but a tiny minority. White male power and racism have greatly receded in American society; there’s never been a better time to be a snowbunny. Haven’t white girls given white boys enough chances?

The main effect of high-quality interracial porn like BLACKED, which largely shows beautiful, natural Aryan teens or 20-somethings getting fucked by handsome, muscular, well-endowed, black bulls, is that it normalizes & glamorizes IR sex for white girls generally (starting when they get their first phones), which leads to more IR liaisons, affairs, black-only white girls and mixed babies. When a white girl watches BLACKED she knows that you can’t be too beautiful to take a BBC, while white boys jerk their dicks and orgasm to the black studs who are pumping their Nordic princesses into ecstasy (white girls who wouldn’t give them the time of day) and symbolically destroying their race. Unsurprisingly, interracial is the best selling category of pornography now and Blacked is currently the 4th largest channel on Pornhub and rising.

IR teaches black men that white girls are gaga for BBC and it encourages them to be more assertive with white women. White males on the other hand are psychologically castrated by the BBC as it is too dark and imposing to be used as a reflection of their own small, light, unimpressive penii (this is especially the case with cuckold porn). Interracial porn then conditions white bois to associate arousal and sexual pleasure with BBC, which inevitably leads to early erectile dysfunction, celibacy, chronic addiction to IR gooning and a desire to promote interracial sex between white women and black men. White bois eventually get to the point where they can only get an erection and derive sexual pleasure from watching or thinking about a black man ravishing a woman of their own race. IR porn (especially BBC hypno) often succeeds in turning a white beta into a BBC sissy. If a 10/10 White goddess is consumed with animalistic lust for BBC, why not him? He knows that no woman is never going to find him sexually desirable, unlike the studs that he masturbates to every day on so why not accept fate and cease to resist the inevitable? Why does a pathetic member of a submissive race deserve a woman’s body anyway? In accepting the physical and sexual superiority of black men, the white beta embraces his submission. Many White women keenly perceive the sexual jealousy and physical fear that white males have for black men, which in turn encourages feminine submission from white women towards dominant black men.

Whether it is consumed by horny white sluts or emasculated white bois, interracial porn is a weapon of mass sexual destruction against the white race; the future is black.

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