It only takes one black dick to end the recessive white bloodline

In racial terms, sex and reproduction is a zero-sum game, and the so-called jungle fever is contagious. More white women having sex with Black men and having their babies means less sex for white boys and fewer white babies. IR sex tends to make white girls more liberal and less racist; having Black babies replaces what white identity they have with a pro-Black identity. The same applies to a lesser extent to the families of white women who have given them Black nephews, nieces or grandchildren, as racial partition would result in breaking up their family and separating them from their relatives. The welfare state, affirmative action and free trade policies that increase white female economic independence and reduce the socio-economic status of white males grant white women increased security and sexual freedom with the now relatively socially advantaged Black men. White boys have been cuckolded by the state, literally paying for white women to fuck and breed with Black men. White women on welfare, particularly those who breed with Black men tend to have higher fertility rates than white couples and their children will also benefit from affirmative action policies at the expense of white boys.

As more white women go Black, IR and Black breeding become more socially acceptable. White girls encourage each other to do the same, partly out of their gushing reports of Black male sexuality, partly out of a desire to normalize their sexual preferences. If one goes Black, so might some of her girlfriends and so on. After a Black man is in a white girl’s social circle, his friends are in there too, creating a BBC cycle. As the number of white girls in the group who have been Blacked begins to outnumber the number who haven’t, the pressure to take a Black dick increases and odious racism is assumed to be the motive for the white girls who have kept their BBC virginity thus far. If a white single mother takes a Black boyfriend, her daughters are likely to follow suit in the future and this influence extends to their friends and schoolmates.

White girls without their biological father in the home are more likely to date Black boys due to a lack of racist influence preventing her from giving her body to the top alpha males and a desire (sometimes abetted by their mother or Black step-father) to spite their absent father. Without their father around to help them, white boys they are more likely to be beaten up by Black gangs. Lax divorce laws give white women the freedom to separate from their white ex-husbands and have more children with another man at his expense, potentially a Black man.

White women who go Black may decide to never go back and white boys will often take a hostile attitude toward snowbunnies and pursue them less or abuse them, which encourages them to stay Black (the same applies to a far greater degree for white single mothers with Black babies). However, white girls who prefer Black men find that white males have become functionally obsolete and they despise them, especially the racists who seek to limit their access to BBC and lock them up in a cage of monogamous, tiny-dicked, passionless sexual torture. Snowbunnies then attempt to get other white girls on their side by introducing them to the sensual pleasures of Black men. All of these factors result in more sex and babies for Black men and less of both for white boys. As white boys get angry at increasing rates of WF/BM interracial sex, white girls sense their sexual insecurity, which encourages them to go Black even more. In mixed schools, there is evidence that Black males are more popular than white boys and are often preferred as sexual partners by the white girls. A far-right report from a Catholic school states;

“While the number of black girls has increased in the last few years, there are far more black boys than girls because of our emphasis on sports. The result is that they typically date white girls. Today’s young people are fully open to interracial dating, and our school does nothing to discourage it. How can we? Any teacher or administrator who has voiced any sort of contempt for such behavior has been accused of racism. We’ve caught many interracial couples having sex in the school building, sometimes during school hours. To my knowledge, no white couple has ever been caught doing this”.

Let me translate that:

Strong, athletic Black males are very popular with white girls, who are fully open to interracial sex. Many white schoolgirls are so hot for Black guys that they take dark dick during school hours but they are not interested in doing the same with little white boys.

In mixed schools Black girls have a very strong preference for Black guys over white boys and this preference rubs off on the white girls, who naturally seek out the most popular males. White girls may also be-turned on by the thought of “stealing” a Black man from a Black girl, asserting her phenotypic and race-sex supremacy. The fact that Black guys prefer white pussy fills Black girls with rage and the thought that white girls prefer Black guys stiffens many white boi dicks. Based on bitter protests alone, we can see that white women and Black men are the clear winners of racial integration, while less attractive white boys and Black women are the losers. It took a long time but the aesthetically superior sexes of the feminine and masculine races; white women and Black men, are finally free to be together in sexual bliss.

Teenage Black males mature faster than white boys, have higher testosterone, deeper voices, bigger muscles, larger dicks, more fighting experience, greater sexual experience and athleticism. They are meaner, rougher, tougher and will whip any uppity white boy who steps out of line. As Blacks are imbued with a strong sense of racial identity, hatred, tribalism and physical confidence, cowardly, broken white boys do not dare to stand up to them, even as a group. Black guys are free to beat and bully weak white boys and take the very amenable, prettier, sexier white girls from them. To top this off WF/BM interracial is promoted as being sexy, hip and progressive by the dominant cultural institutions; of course white girls in mixed schools prefer BBC! White girls are now openly professing their preference for Black guys on social media; the racist control has largely been shattered. The erosion of white family norms, white male economic control, greater urban and educational anonymity and the intense institutional promotion of WF/BM interracial has resulted in Black men becoming the no.1 sexual choice for white females in racially-integrated environments.

4 thoughts on “It only takes one black dick to end the recessive white bloodline

  1. ANOTHER incredibly hot post. This deals with the tendency for black cock to totally dominate over white dick in mixed interracial environments. This tells me, that obviously when the white dick has to try to compete with black cock on an even footing, without any special advantages, the Black Cock dominates and easily takes most of the hot white girls from having any relations with white boys. In fact the Black Cock SO utterly dominates the white dick that I think this is only going to accelerate, especially as interracial sex and interracial cuckolding become more accepted in society as “normal.” White men are losing ‘their’ women at an alarming rate to Black men, and again nothing they can do about but watch and wank out of frustration.

  2. I fully understand this. I came across my parents porn collection when I was like 15 (don’t judge). They had a ton of interracial porn there, once a month they would do a date night and I had the house all to myself till the next day. To this day I remember the feeling as I watched my first porn movie and of course my first time seeing black men with a pretty white girl having sex. Imagine being 15 with a tub of porn for a night lol. I jerked off so many times that night that I had sharp pains in my balls for a couple days after that. That night changed me. I became obsessed with masturbation while watching or thinking about interracial sex. I saw the black guys and the white girls differently at school. I had to be careful because when I would fall into a daydream I would be thinking about a girl in front of me in glass taking a fat black dick and I would have the stiffest erection ever. Once I got called up to work a problem because I wasn’t paying attention. I was rock hard and everyone laughed at me.

    So years later I still enjoy just staying home to jerkoff to interracial porn. I am very self conscious of my little dick size and feel embarrassed to asking women out knowing I would never be able to satisfy them sexually.

    I came across articles about cuckolds and female led relationships a while ago. I have a jar in my freezer that is almost full of my cum from masturbation sessions fantasying about having a woman that lets me watch her with hung black men. I don’t know why I’m collecting my cum and saving it but that started when I started thinking about that.

    Anyhow, the feeling of insecurity and inadequacy is real. But I’ve accepted it and get some pretty amazing cums from it.

  3. How appropriate that white girls of all ages enjoy BBC. I am remaining pussy free and will look forward to serving a superior man, by hopfully becoming improved by a white girl accepting me as a cuckold, if she so wishes, of course. I would extremely enjoy submitting to an IR couple, as well that should be, now. Go for it IR couples…I root for BBC for all white girls and we whitebois must learn our place, jerkoff, and follow instructions. Peace, John

  4. This can\’t be real 😭, please tell me it isn\’t 😭. Can you show me specific examples of white girls admitting black is better or openly fucking black boys instead of whiteboys? Please I need proof I can\’t stand this any longer

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