Just a few facts about the IR revolution

Not entirely convinced there is an Interracial Revolution happening? Consider this:

In all the most recent polls, the vast majority of respondents, white females in their teens and 20s, say that they are dating or would like to date black males. There are many influencers in social media, music, and entertainment industries that promote interracial relationships with the intended audience of young white females, and it’s working! The growth of interracial dating is spreading like wildfire.

Marriages between white women and black men are soaring. In some places, it’s up as high as 200%. These unions have seen higher growth every year, but in the last decade alone, it has exploded. If the current rate of growth continues, more mixed-race marriages will occur than same-race marriages within 10 years.

As with marriages, pregnancies between black men and white women are positively skyrocketing, and each year it is growing more and faster. Contributing to this is a decrease in same-race marriages along with same-race couples having fewer children. Mixed race couples are marrying more AND have greater numbers of children. This trend is moving the demographics of America and Europe to less white and browner. White women with mixed children are becoming an increasingly common sight.

Promising demographics indeed, so why refuse the facts or even fight it? Support this amazing Interracial Revolution!

One thought on “Just a few facts about the IR revolution

  1. I\’m a whiteboy struggling with whether this movement is real. I hate it, I\’m scared it is. Could you show me those polls and more evidence white girls openly prefer black men and think they\’re superior?

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