Making sure your white daughter goes black

A lot of women and a few men ask me how to make sure their white daughters go black from day one, and especially that they have only black children. I have several friends who have blackened their teenaged daughters, and they all say it isn’t hard. here are really only two things you need to do.

First, you need to be as open as possible about your own sex life, in particular, the fact that you only fuck black men (even if you are married to a white man), and also that you fuck lots of different black men. They don’t need to know the details, but you should make sure your daughter knows that it isn’t just this particular black man, but black men in general, that turn you on. You should also model behavior that is deferential and subservient to blacks when you around them in her presence. You don’t need to go into the political or religious aspects of black supremacy with her, but she needs to see that in your own life you serve and obey black people.

Second, make sure has frequent opportunities to socialize with black people and play with black boys, especially those her age and slightly older. Inviting them around for dinner and other social events and playdates. At the same time, try to omit as much as possible her time alone with white boys.

If you do these things the natural chemistry between black males and white girls will work its magic and do the trick. When that happens and she begins exploring sex with black boys, make she knows you approve and that she can safely explore things sexual with black boys at home and her privacy will be respected. Make clear that this only applies to black boys and white boys will not be welcome.

Do all this and it’s pretty much guaranteed that your daughter will go black, and give you many black grandchildren.

5 thoughts on “Making sure your white daughter goes black

  1. I think this is great advice and as a father to a young white daughter, it is my greatest hope that my daughter will be black only from the moment she starts to become sexually active. I did wonder why you emphasize the she explore her first sexual experiences with black boys near her age rather than older black men. Is it simply because of the obvious legal issues of an older adult black male having sex with a very young teen girl? Or do you feel that young white teens more easily will allow black boys to take nature’s course and have their first sexual relations in that manner? Please, as my daughter just became a teenager this last fall, I really hope to give her the best chances to advance her sexual knowledge with black boys/men and wish you might expand your thoughts about parents giving their daughters the best chances to become bkack only and start having black babies. Thank you for your wonderful blog!!

    1. I will tell you how I encouraged my daughter. First off I have to say her mother is racist, really racist. I always brought the topic of her dating black guys up, and how it will kill her mom and that I wouldn’t like it too much either. But at the same time I left IR porn on my phone ,that she would sometime borrow. That sent mixed messages I think. She is 23 now. In her teens she dated white guys. I always told her she needed a real man. When she turned 20. Is when she introduced me to her first black boyfriend. She has had many many more since. Recently about a month ago she came home, borrowed my phone and I know for sure she seen I black in my daughter porn. Honestly I think it’s inevitable but I think I helped. Now if I can get my ex-wife blacked.

  2. Because young people of the same age or with little age difference are more likely to interact sexually than a teenager with an adult man! After she becomes sexually active, you can introduce an adult to the scene which is much easier. My sister started her sex life with me beside her, supervising and helping with everything the moment she had sex for the first time! Read my story, maybe you can get some ideas!

    1. I’ve read your story and I think that you helped start your sister on a beautiful life journey…you acted as a great role model and provided her such wonderful support as she went black for the first time. I’m actially kind of sorry that your parents, as you described, would not have been supportive of you or your much younger sister going black. I feel parents SHOULD put aside their own feelings and predudices for what is best for their children. One question I did have was about when this happened for your sister as it sounds like my daughter might be just a bit younger currently then your sister was…you said that you are 8 years older than your sister and if I recall you were 22 at the time…is that about right? Was she an early, early teen when she took her first black cock? So that would make her a year older than my daughter’s current age. I ask because I just wanted a little bit of reassurance that encouraging my girl to go black now wasnt maybe doing so at too young of an age. Obviously, nature will take its own course…but, while it might sound crazy, as much as I hope she’ll go black and have black babies, I also genuinely love her and only encourage this because in my heart, I know it is the best life for her to live. I want her to be happy. I want her to be happily blacked. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful story!

  3. My mother ran the family and enjoyed black cocks. When I was older she let cum in bed with her and Leroy. Leroy as part of the family and services mom and dad. I watched and enjoyed my mother screaming and I knew I wanted to be her partner. I helped her dress and kissed her mouth as she hurt from such hard pounding. Dad was delegated to clean her out and when mom couldn’t take anymore Leroy sucked and cu led him. I did not want to be pounded But I would clean his cum off his cock. I would finger myself off

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