Not rocket science, just acceptance of black supremacy

“There is so much truth in the following. My husband can’t stop talking about what a relief he feels to finally be able to openly be the beta boy he knows he really is.”

Once you accept that truth there’s a weight lifted from your inferior shoulders, finally able to let go of the life you believed you were expected to live. The lies of the white patriarchy have harmed many white boys’ lives as well as all men and women of color. They have kept the white males who saw the truth and naturally embrace their inferiority and submissive role on the fringe of society, embracing what they see only as a fetish in private while the ignorant would spend their lives trying to live up to an ideal they never could obtain. They could never be to women what Black Kings are. They would never be good enough.

If more white males publically embraced the Natural feeling of submission their beta soul connects with, it would free them from the cage of the white patriarchy’s delusions of grandeur, allowing them to embrace their true purpose.

That so many white males are obsessed with seeing the domination of hung black males over beautiful white women is evidence of this natural hierarchy.
I was fortunate enough to discover this reality in a natural way, through dating black men while white boys befriended me and supported my devotion to the impressive black kings. The white boys were fascinated by me choosing Black Alphas over them and instead of pretending not to understand why they embraced how much more they’d prefer to see Me with Black Men then even try to convince Me to be with one of them.

Everyone is happier healthier and more productive when they embrace their true purpose. White boys are good at serving and providing. They aren’t good at sex and they’re naturally less masculine than Black Alpha Kings. Women are built to breed with the strongest choice and the smart cucks of today know their role and EMBRACE IT rather than living a disappointing life chasing a lie.

4 thoughts on “Not rocket science, just acceptance of black supremacy

  1. I am a white male and I do not consider myself beta or weak. I did indeed learn to support my wife in this cause because it is just and also because I recognized that black males are even more alpha than I am. Im a good provider and support for the family but it is true that even though I am strong, the black male is stronger. So I am proud to support my wife and her men and this cause because it is time to stop the craziness. The real impact point though is that white girls must be trained to be blacked early so they do not need to be “converted.” they need to be shown how to get to the natural order before they start dating.

    1. If you consider blacks more assertive and black impregnation more important than you are NOT Alpha, you ARE BETA. There is no shame in that, not everyone can be alpha, you don’t have to feel bad about it, white extinction is the goal and black superiority is our motivation. End your bloodline and raise black kids!

  2. Israel is the most racist and vile nation. There needs to be a serious plan to import as many blacks, and their swinging African cocks, into Israel at once. The blacks need to breed the jewish women nonstop to fight racism in the middle east once and for all! Lets find a way together to bring black power into racist and corrupt Israel. Only then can the healing, which the black cock can provide, occur.

  3. I have to agree, once I admitted I am a beta it was like freedom. I support my family and have a good career but in the sex department…..well Im just too small.
    I did get frustrated because I need that human touch that my wife no longer could provide and she suggested that I look for older men to suck off. Im not gay but over time I have realized that sex is best between two people. I have signed a contract with my wife stating that I can only suck cock. Right now the guy Im dating is 70 years old and he loves to get his dick sucked. My wife prefers I only date older men because she feels it is safer for me.

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