Rules of a modern woke white woman

We received these rules of engagement for all white women to follow:

1. A white woman never say NO to BLACK guys, she must be a slut and whore, giving her full body and mind, even married or not must be available only for BLACK guys.

2. A white woman must fuck all her BLACK friends and any of their friends whom she will meet.

3. A white woman must walk, talk, act, dress, and wear make-up and hairstyles desired by BLACK guys.

4. A white woman NEVER gets (or gives) sexual pleasure from (or to) white guys, because she is exclusively for BLACK cocks only, whether she is married to a white guy or not.

5. A white woman may tease a white guy but ultimately deny for any sexual gratification.

6. A white woman must provide sexual pleasure to BLACKS to be a breeding whore.

7. A white woman must always accept a superior BLACK man’s cum inside as often as possible.

8. A white woman keeps her pussy shaved at all times unless ordered differently by a BLACK.

9. A white woman must serve BLACK guys as often as possible, anywhere, anytime, only if BLACK guys want her.

10. A white woman should want sex at any party entertainment with BLACK guys.

11. A white woman must keep photos of yourself with BLACK guys on her cell phone.

12. A white woman never hides that she is a slut for BLACKS, and give complete satisfaction to all BLACKS who want to use her.

13. A white woman should be looking for a new BLACK friend, then flirt and dress seductively until he starts to fuck her regularly.

14. A white woman must give all holes for BLACK guys for their satisfaction, and use only BLACK dildos and vibrators for stretching out her pussy.

15. A white woman shall get orgasm only when a BLACK cock cum in her, especially NEVER anything from a white guy.

16. A white woman has to dominate a white guy to be submissive, and he must love his wife being called a whore, slut, bitch, cunt, etc by BLACK guys.

17. A white woman must love to keep BLACK sperm inside her, even if she’s back home and kiss her husband.

18. A white woman must dress in tight clothes, as provocative as possible, to be noticed that she’s ready to be used by BLACK guys.

19. A white woman must never wear sexy panties for her husband, she can wear them only for sex with BLACK guys.

20. A white woman will continue to fuck a BLACK guy until reinforcing him to cum inside her.

21. A white woman can marry a white guy but must follow the cuckold rules of engagement, blacked honeymoon, and blacked entirety of marriage.

22. A white woman has to promise that she obeys her BLACK fuckfriends in every way without limits.

23. A white woman must addict her husband to love BLACK dicks, and licking her wet pussy after sex with Black guys, also loving their sperm from his wife’s pussy.

24. A white husband has to buy for his wife a sexy lingeries and seductive dresses, only for her dates with BLACK guys.

25. A white husband should tell his wife that she looks great with BLACK guys, also ask her to wear a most seductive dress for BLACK guys only.

26. When a white married woman goes on vacation, she has to fuck as many BLACK guys as possible.

27. A white woman has to wear a wedding ring while she fucks a BLACK guy.

28. A white woman must have at least one BLACK impregnation.

29. A white cuckold has to raise at least one BLACK baby.

30. A white woman has to addict all her white friends to become BLACK cocks only.

5 thoughts on “Rules of a modern woke white woman

  1. LOL

    You forgot
    girls who do this
    1, never get a decent white guy again
    2 be more likely to be in a abusive relationship
    3 be more likely to be a single mom

  2. In America it is important that jewish women be blacked! With the Somalian refugees in the USA, there must be a nonstop effect to get every stuck up and racist jewish women to take a huge black Somali cock and get pregnant with a black baby. Once jewish women submit to Somali cock then racism can be addressed and cured.

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