Scientific study proofs that white women prefer to breed black

Ovulating women exhibit a preference for more masculine male features, are particularly attracted to men showing dominance and male-male competitiveness and prefer partners that are genetically dissimilar to themselves. This is significant because there is evidence suggesting that genetic similarity between couples might be linked with infertility.

There you go.

It’s not just because of the color contrast, but white ladies are responding to some primal urges deep within their psyche. Urges that were kept at bay by white men enacting restrictive laws to keep white women separated from their perfect mates; mates who would have blessed their offspring with more diverse genes for a better physical and mental constitution.

But with these laws and social mores long gone, we see white ladies naturally drawn to the men who will ensure they will have healthier babies. Black men. So the choice for the dwindling white race is: do we fight Nature and bang our heads against the wall defiantly? Or do we embrace the obvious and inevitable by merging the best of our race with the best that Africa has to offer? (Which would help propel humanity forward)

I know where I stand.

Women (of all races) are naturally attracted to superior genetics. There may be other complex reasons for choosing a mate, but genetics is one of them. Ask any white girl (cant speak for other races) to describe a hot guy. Most of them will answer tall handsome masculine and dark (aka black) ask them also what eye color they prefer. Most of them will answer brown to black. Ask them about babies, most them will tell you they love black babies. No love for white boys. If you don’t believe me, ask around. 😉

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