Supporting white girls going black

We received this from Dana:

I am a 57-year-old inferior white sissy. I am on a mission to help and get others to recruit as many white daughters mothers wives etc to want black men only.

One successful method I’ve used is as follows:

Create an anonymous email account that no one knows is you. From that email account male pictures of big black cocks to your daughter, mother, girlfriend, or any other white woman you can think of. You will find none of them will be insulted and reprimand you back with the reply. I have done this many times and every single beautiful young girl or woman that I sent Black cocks to look at did not reply that said they were offended. In fact, I often find that they welcome more from me.

This is one of the techniques I use and an excellent way to be anonymous and promote white babes for black superiority. I want to share this with others who will use it to recruit more white women for black only. Build a group with the purpose of encouraging more white women to be interested and black hawks to help promote black male superiority more and more. Anyone who has more ideas or methods post them for others to see and please email me I’ve got some extra pictures of beautiful young white daughters.

You can contact me at danasdesign11 at

IR movement is a credit to society promoting white women all over the world going black. I totally support and encourage your success!

black is bigger

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