The Afro Graduation Ritual, Swedish style

Okewawa is an exchange student from Ghana. He recently moved to Sweden to complete his 12th grade. After graduation, he plans on to going on a Swedish University. On the first day of his class, he got a nice reception as he was the new kid in school and being black helped him gain even more popularity.

Okewawa was both an academic student and an athletic student. He managed to get straight A’s, while he won gold medals for his school in football, marathon racing, and sprint racing. Soon, he became very popular in his school. All the white kids wanted to hang out with him.

There was this one girl, Maria, who used to gym with Okewawa. There was no sexual relationship between them, but Maria badly wanted to get fucked by Okewawa. One snowy day, Maria and Okewawa and some other guy was at the gym. The majority skipped the gym because of the harsh snow.

At around 8 PM, the other guy left the gym. Now it was Maria and Okewawa. Maria was on the treadmill and Okewawa was bench pressing 100 kg (220 lb). Okewawa’s sweat running down his black body made Maria hungry for that body. Okewawa had just finished bench pressing, Maria intentionally ripped part of her sweatpants. Maria asked if Okewawa could cover her up, just so she can go to the changing room and change into snow pants. Okewawa said, he needs to wear something too, otherwise he’ll be naked. Maria made a sad face and bent down. Okewawa caught a glimpse of Maria’s ass. He immediately got an erection. When Maria turned back, she saw Okewawa’s 10″ boner. Now she knew she had to fuck him. An idea came into her head. She asked Okewawa to cover the ripped part with his penis, this way, Okewawa will not be fully naked and Maria will not be fully naked. Maria pleaded him to guard her honor. Okewawa agreed to do this for her. He whipped out his penis and hid the torn part of Maria’s pants.

Maria has fucked Swedish guys before, but none of them comes close to Okewawa’s 10″ black, veiny, bushy, penis. They somehow managed to enter the girls’ changing room. Since nobody came to the gym that day, the changing room was empty. Maria felt Okewawa’s Ghanaian dick. Upon entering the changing room, Maria thanked Okewawa for saving her honor. She said she wanted to reward him. Okewawa said no need for reward, but Maria was insisting the reward. Okewawa gave up and said okay, she could reward him. Okewawa was thinking Maria will buy him lunch or something. But instead, Maria knelt down and kissed his penis head. Okewawa was shocked but felt pleasure. Maria’s pink, juicy lips were on his penis. He felt the need to have sex. Maria looked him in the eye and started sucking his giant penis. Her left hand was caressing his balls. Her right hand was playing with his pubic hair. Okewawa took one look in her blue eyes and wrapped his head around her blonde hair. Maria started sucking Okewawa’s dick at full speed. She also licked clean Okewawa’s pre-cum. After about 10 minutes, Okewawa grabbed her hips and lifted her up. Then he put her on a bench in the missionary position. He licked and pressed her C-cup breasts. He kissed her jaw and penetrated half of his penis in Maria. Whilst in missionary position, Okewawa kissed Maria well. His hands were playing with her blonde hair or pressing her belly.

After almost 20 minutes, he told Maria he wanted to cum in her mouth. However, Maria wrapped her legs around him and said nothing. 20 seconds later, Okewawa could not hold anymore. He drained his balls inside her. She felt 10 mL of hot cum in her pussy. Okewawa didn’t pull out yet. After the creampie, he kept kissing her. After about 5 minutes, they both got their strength back and finally, Okewawa pulled his dick out. Maria’s tight pussy was stretched. They both quickly dressed up and left the gym.

During 2nd semester, Okewawa was taking advanced calculus. At the beginning of the class, his teacher paired everyone in the class with one person, to do all the assignments. Okewawa was paired up with a cute blonde girl named Anna. Anna was smart, but she wasn’t as good in math as Okewawa. Every day they’d meet in the library to do assignments together.

One day, Anna badly needed help in maths. She didn’t understand the whole chapter. She asked Okewawa if he could come to her home and help her. Okewawa agreed. When Okewawa went to Anna’s home, Anna’s mother opened the door and welcomed him. She thanked him for tutoring her daughter. She said, she quickly needs to go to her office to get some files, and they can study in the living-room. After studying for about an hour, Anna understood the concept and thanked him for coming. Then they started talking about themselves and their lives. At one point Anna told, she never had sex in her life. Okewawa jokingly said, let me deflower you then. It came to his surprise that Anna agreed to this.

Anna quickly undressed herself to show him her hymen. Okewawa sucked the virgin pussy for 10 minutes. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his 10″ BBC. Anna was surprised and wondered if it can even fit in her. Okewawa looked her in her eyes and penetrated half of his penis inside her. Anna felt pain and pleasure at the same time. Okewawa knew Anna’s mom might come soon, so he needed to make it a quickie. He immediately started rough fucking Anna. Anna never felt this pleasure in her whole life. Okewawa went mad on Anna’s boobs. He gave her about 7 to 8 hickeys on her soft breasts. After 7 minutes, Okewawa unloaded his sperm in Anna’s newly deflowered vagina. Anna was lying down and her mind was on another planet. A few minutes later, Anna’s mom came. So they quickly dressed up. Anna’s mom thanked Okewawa again for tutoring her daughter. As a reward, she gave him a 100 euro gift card for online shopping. Little did she know Okewawa had impregnated her cute little Anna.

8 months passed by and it was time for prom. Maria was 5 months pregnant and Anna was 3 months pregnant. They told everyone in their school about Okewawa’s sexual skills. Many more girls were curious now. After the prom, a popular student Stefan organized an after-prom party at his parent’s mansion. Okewawa fucked 7 different white girls that night. All became pregnant.

During his university entrance interview, the Dean of Admission asked him, what was his most favourite achievment? Okewawa replied breeding 9 high school cuties. The Dean immediately gave Okewawa a big scholarship and welcomed him to their university.

Okewawa’s high school started a ritual after Okewawa’s graduation. The prom king must be a black guy, and he must breed 9 white girls to celebrate prom.

Okewawa fucked 33 girls in his university and 15 of them got pregnant. Okewawa was a father to 22 children by the age of 25. His mission to produce Afro-Swedish population was a big success.

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  1. WOW. As a white guy, what can I say except that this is EXTREMELY hot. The black cock, just one, breeds 15 white girls at his university! Humiliating for white boys. They have a tendency to give up on their white women when they see them going black. One more girl gone black. WHAT they haven’t thought about is that ONE BLACK STUD can impregnate and OWN several white women. And so not just take one white boy’s girl, but many! With the power to ursurp many white girls from their white boys, it is easy to see that the Black Movement will soon be dominant, with most white boys facing forced celibacy, forced to be pussy free as the white men can only watch the superior black men breed their former girlfriends, jealous YES but unable to do anything about it except watch and jack off, in frustration to them being pussy free!

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