The black man’s revenge is sweet

Duane was a convict who had just been let out of jail due to budget cuts being too severe to keep him locked up. While he was getting his affairs in order, he decided to pay a visit to his jail warden’s house. He managed to find it after overhearing the warden’s loud conversations with other officers. Duane intended on robbing him blind, but instead, he found the warden’s daughter reading a book in her bedroom. He had overheard the warden always talking about how liberal his daughter was, so Duane figured this would be an easy sell.

He walked into her room and at first, she screamed, but he managed to explain that he just got let out of jail, and her father had mistreated him for the last few years just because he was black. This seemed to work, she relaxed and they got chatting. Duane could see she was attracted to him, so started becoming touchy, sliding his hands along her thighs and eventually they started making out. It didn’t take him long to work his way round to fucking her. After all, she was already very turned on. They fucked like rabbits, in several positions all over her room. They didn’t care how much noise they made, he was too caught up in trying to stake his claim in the jail warden’s daughter, and she was about to cum over the feeling of his thick black cock pounding brutally into her over and over again. Duane recalled a conversation he overheard, where the warden was saying that he absolutely refused to let his daughter take birth control, how he wasn’t raising a slut for a daughter. Duane thrust a few more times before thrusting deep and releasing a torrent of black cum as deep into her pussy as he could. Her cervix drank up the thick squirts of cum, drowning her white womb in African DNA. She felt his cock throbbing intensely and it made her cum herself, a voice in the back of her head telling her that this was right, she was doing her part for social justice. After holding his cock deep for a few minutes, he pulled out of her and admired the river of seed flowing out of her. He had pumped 7 years’ worth of cum inside her.

He left and had planned never to return, however 7 months pass and he was getting arrested on a possession charge. One day he got told someone had come to visit him, and he found out it was the warden’s daughter, except she was heavily pregnant. She was wearing a tight top that clearly didn’t fit over her distended belly and she was finding it hard to walk. She told him she was 2 months away from giving birth to triplets. She wasn’t after any form of payment, she just wanted him to know he had taken claim of her womb. Her white body was being used to bring more black people into the world. He spent the rest of his time in prison listening to the warden being proud of his baby girl becoming a woman, and then very soon he heard the warden shouting about how a nigger had soiled his darling daughter, how she was nothing but a mudshark to him now. Duane chuckled; justice had been served

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