White boys better accept the fact that women need black dick

Should white men just accept it when their girls are cheating with blacks?

But why and what should you do about it? Don’t let jealousy and anger cause you to break up with the girl you love just because she is cheating on you with black men! That’s just stupid. Instead, try to understand and accept it.

Why is she cheating?

Your penis is too small and you don’t last. Good sex requires a large cock and simply put you are not giving your girl the orgasms she deserves. You can’t do anything about your small penis but she can, that is, find black men with big cocks to fuck.

You might be satisfied with boring sex and masturbation but she isn’t. She needs real sex from real men. You can’t blame her for wanting to have a full sex life. You are not as tall, athletic, masculine, or dominant as a black man can be. Do you even lift?

Interracial sex between white girls and black men is being promoted everywhere. Films, TV shows, advertisements, etc. Your girl will feel like she is missing out. Even if it’s subconscious at first, interracial sex fantasies will creep into her mind. You can blame whatever conspiracy you want but it is happening. It’s almost impossible for a normal person to fight against the billions of dollars being spent on this push.

Cheating is commonplace and the incidence is increasing. Girls tend to be open to cheating if their boyfriend or husband isn’t giving them what they need. Girls are discussing their sex lives with each other, supporting and encouraging each other’s infidelity. Once one of them has gone black it won’t be long before the rest of them do. You don’t want your girl to be the only one in the group that isn’t cheating with hung black guys.

Websites and blogs are much more extreme than the mainstream media. Porn also of course. Girls are being exposed to this daily. The message they are getting is that not only is cheating acceptable, but that it’s desirable, and even white boys secretly support it. The idea that going black is a sexy and hot way to spice up a relationship is gaining ground. Some girls even think their boyfriend or husband will be disappointed if he finds out they aren’t cheating with black men. Perversely her love for you could be the ultimate reason why she cheats black.

How to deal with it.

Start using interracial porn. Avoid any porn with white men. You need to change your idea of sex from whatever it is now to big black cocks fucking white girls. Giving yourself orgasms to those images and videos helps to form a positive association. Many white girls already see getting blacked as the only real sex that counts and you need to think the same way.

Consume as much cuckold propaganda as possible. Just as with interracial porn use masturbation to train yourself to fall in line. Join in if you want. Help other white boys to understand.

Focus on her pleasure rather than being selfish. You love her so much that you want her to enjoy sex. Imagine her powerful orgasms pushing her into a state of bliss. Think about how happy and fulfilled she is.

Big cocks are hot. Stop denying this. You don’t watch porn with small white penises. You want to see girls sucking and fucking big impressive cocks. You want to see big cum shots. Imagine her doing the sucking and fucking. Imagine those big loads pumped over her pretty face and breasts or inside her pussy and ass. So hot. It’s nowhere near as sexy if you replace those big black cocks with your unimpressive penis. Admit it: if you get off on masturbating to big cocks then it’s ok for her to fuck them.

She will start withholding sex from you, not because she doesn’t love you, but because sex with her black boyfriends is so much more satisfying. This is a big hurdle to overcome but every cloud has a silver lining: it allows you to focus more on masturbation. It’s a virtuous circle as the more you do it the more you will accept her cheating and the lack of sex. You will learn to enjoy her coming back to you with a cum-filled pussy.

You are a good provider. Your hard work keeps her in the lifestyle that she deserves. Your money is buying all those sexy clothes and lingerie that she uses to seduce black men. Let yourself be turned on by that. When she models outfits for you imagine how hard it will make them and just how savagely they will ravish her. You should be proud of that.

The result
Your relationship will be radically improved. Both of you will be happy and sexually fulfilled. You will have great masturbation sessions while she is out having amazing sex with dominant black men behind your back. No more arguments, stress, or frustration because of rubbish sex!

One thought on “White boys better accept the fact that women need black dick

  1. Totally Agree! The average white man sadly does not compare to the sexual superiority of black men. There are many studies that prove it. See https://theblackisbetter.blogspot.com/?m=1 for some of these studies. The only thing a white male can do now is accept being pussyfree. Because the world is changing.

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