White girl high on weed and black dick

Last night I got a text from a cute little white girl I’ve been trying to bang for a while now. She was bored and we both knew we were going to get a bunch of snow so a boring night with the town shut down. It felt like she was hinting at something so I invited her over for a movie. She agreed and told me she had to take a shower and then she would hurry over before the roads got bad. In my mind that meant getting cute for me.

We had been texting and flirting and she had already given me head once so I was not really sure what to expect from her. Found myself getting worked up thinking about it even though her head game wasn’t the best I’ve had (but she looked cute as fuck doing it) but something about her drove me crazy ever since I started talking to her. She was more innocent then most the girls I mess with, i.e. blonde hair (usually) 5’4 probably right around 100lbs tiny little thing with that cute skater chick style.

But anyways I threw on some grey sweats (free balling of course) and a regular t-shirt. Rolled up a blunt and waited for her. Finally, when she knocked on the door I felt myself getting excited wondering what she would be wearing and with my imagination all over the place. She was dressed subtle cute but subtle, basic white girl style, wearing black leggings, a band shirt, and Uggs. Now maybe she didn’t get dressed up for me as my imagination wanted her to but that didn’t stop me from checking out that tight little body and her perfect little butt.

We smoked and joked still looking for something to watch. I finally talked her into watching Bird Box. After getting good and stoned and halfway through the movie, we ended up spooning on the couch. It was hard to control myself, mind racing and my dick growing and throbbing. She had to feel it, but she played it cool still chatting about the movie and joking about silly stuff on Facebook. At this point, I was thinking that I had just gotten friend zoned or something. The girl had to feel my black dick rubbing against her tight little ass?! Yet, she played it cool like it was nothing.

The movie ended and she sat up to look at the weather and then asked if I cared if she crashed on the couch. I got up and handed her the remote, telling her to pick something while I went to the stash to get more bud. At this point, I pretty much gave up on fucking and thought I should be happy that I got head from this little cutie a month ago. And that’s where I messed up, thinking about the head. Thinking about her white hands wrapped around my black dick. By the time I got back from the stash spot, my dick was hard as a rock and since it was sweats with no boxers to help with the situation, it was pretty damn noticeable. I walked over to where she was sitting looking down at her phone. She looked up as I got to the couch. Her eyes went right to my hard dick that I was kinda trying to hide. She looked up at me, standing there housing a bag of bud and asked: “are we going to do it again?”

She sat up and without hesitation pulled my sweats down. Her tiny pale hand grabbed and massaged my already hard dick to its full potential. Then she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. “FUCK” I moaned!

There I was, looking down at her sucking and stroking my rock hard black dick pretty fucking good. Much better than last time. She looked so cute and sounded so nasty slobbering all over me, and I almost lost it when she gagged herself. Hearing her catching her breath was such a turn-on.

Then she asked if we could try something else. Of course, I said, whatever! I could tell she was as turned on as me. I pushed her back into the couch, got to my knees and pulled down her skin-tight legging. She lay back and giggled which made me throb even more. I spread her legs and finally saw her perfectly pink smooth little pussy. I soon got her worked up and she moaned: “just fuck me!”

I lifted her up and carried her to my bed and soon watched my BBC disappear inside her little yummy hole, taking it easy at first but soon gave her deep strokes. I had to hold her hips to keep her from sliding away. I started to pick up the pace, pulling her back as my hips thrust forward, owning it. She tucked her face in the pillows, muffling the moans and screams. With no warning I exploded deep inside her before crashing down on top of her.

She rolled over and said: “so you did want to smoke again too, right?”

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