White girls are black baby incubators

This is a label we hope will catch on. Just like “white girl Wednesday” and the “black baby challenge” were phrases that promoted interracial lust, sex, and impregnation, we are trying to get this phrase out there on the internet. White girls should be proud to take black cum inside their pussies and then become black baby incubators. As more and more white girls realize just how much bigger and better a hard black dick is compared to a white cock, and how much more fit and sexy black men are, they’re going to switch to having sex with black men more often (and cliched or not, the phrase “once you go black” is so very often true). Obviously, bareback sex that ends in a creampie is way hotter than the alternative, and pregnancy risk sex is THE most real form of sex. No half-assed condom sex or birth control will do for many of this generation of hot white girls who do what they want. And what they want is to get knocked up by a black stud.

Society might still frown upon black men with white girls, but like it or not, that’s where things are going! The best way to give the finger to the old outdated uptight anti-black and anti-interracial attitudes is for white girls to fuck black men and get pregnant by them. No law can stop a girl from doing this. No institutionalized discrimination against blacks can prevent this from happening. This is the real power.

Conclusion: Every white girl has to become a black baby incubator. We must bring as many black babies into the world as we can. It is our duty to breed out the white race. White genes are recessive so it is only natural to breed Black. No more white babies, breed strong, breed proud, breed better, BREED BLACK!

2 thoughts on “White girls are black baby incubators

  1. There’s nothing more taboo, progressive, or thrilling than the thought of being a black baby incubator for white girls ♠

  2. As a white older man now widowed i like this phrase and appplaud any white woman who accepts and practice.s this. if i was to marry again I would want a younger white lady who also liked this idea. And as encouragement to her I would prefer to have two black best men who would have full access to my new bride on our wedding night and at least a couple of days after to try and breed her black.

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