Whites are on a collision course with extinction

Due to the endless stream of non-white immigration, white people will become the minority in 2042, thanks to the Hart-Celler act of 1965. That one law opened the floodgates and allowed white women unrestricted access to millions of Big Black African Cocks that were ready and willing to fill as many fertile white wombs as they could.

As their numbers dwindle, their political power will diminish with them until there’s little or nothing left. White women have been completely saturated with so much anti-white propaganda that it’s obvious why they eagerly offer their fertile wombs for Black Breeding.

Come 2045, whites will be a minority of the electorate, which means they will not be able to completely control elections anymore due to their sheer numbers. There is a reason all these “refugees” abandon their failed nations and flock to the superior European cultures and have anchor babies. With the full support of white women, who are also totally supportive of open cuckoldry even though they refuse to admit it. Look at any dating site, it’s full of single mothers looking for someone to pay for their children, and to ensure all these other women could continue to secretly cuckold their white husbands the Feminists pushed to make paternity testing illegal in France.

White “men” are now stuck with being a cuckold if they are involved with white women in any way and anyone who can understand statistics and demographic trends can see that white people have no future in the United States or anywhere else on earth because of it. Nothing of any real significance, at least.

Only white countries are being flooded with “refugees” and everyone knows why even if they are too afraid to admit it.

Now you may be thinking, is there any hope left for whites? Let’s take a look.

There is now an *absolute* decline in the white population, which is the smallest population group globally, and now that is being further reduced in their nations.

More of them are dying than are being born, and if that was not enough, non-white babies are now the majority of every one of those European countries’ infants.

Now the final nail in the coffin. In 50 years, the interracial marriage rate has increased by 500%.

And this is with Whites as a current majority. Once they are the minority, and more non-white men are in competition for women, the interracial rates will ONLY increase further as countless white girls breed with non-white men and every one of those white women is going to encourage her friends to exclusively fuck Black Men Only.

White people are on a collision course with extinction. It’s the reality of the situation. So white men should quit fighting the inevitable and just watch as white girls get their brains fucked out by black men while you go extinct.

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