Why do white women support mass import of black men?

It is a fact that white women are the biggest supporters of mass migration from Africa to North America and Europe! The “Refugees Welcome” movement is changing the policy in their countries and forces the governments to accept millions of BLACK migrants each year and helps destroy racism!

What is the story behind the scene? Why are these women so active and aggressive in demanding mass African migration to Europe and North America? Why are they helping millions of BLACKS arrive on the shores of Europe and North America every single year?

The Western societies of Europe and North America are in fact in a decline. The birth rates are down and women are refusing to have sex with local “men” (white boys) and they are no longer breeding with white boys!

There are many reasons for that and we will only tackle a few:
1. The rise of women sexual freedom and women empowerment has given women the ability to chose their sexual and life partners and they no longer see white boys as viable sex/life partners!
2. White boys have never satisfied women but until now women have not been able to manifest themselves and they had no other option besides white boys!
3. The Truth finally came out! Women know, the whole world now knows, BLACK men are superior to white boys in every way! Women want and need big BLACK horse cocks not small white limp dick clits!
4. The white race is coming to accept their white guilt for racism and oppression against BLACKS! White women and most white boys want to pay reparations for the past crimes of their race and they will do everything to prove they are not racist and that they are progressive and support diversity, racial harmony, and interracial sex!

As a result of these reasons, white birth rates continue to go down every year while interracial sex and interracial breeding have hit an all-time high and are going through the roof! Millions of BLACK babies coming from white wombs will continue to be born not only as we speak but also in the future! Does that mean the white race will become extinct? Some argue that is the direction we are going for. But for certain whites will become a minority in their own countries soon!

To reach an acceptable compromise for all parties and to “save” the white race from extinction, most likely women will continue to give birth to white babies also but NOT from sexual intercourse with white boys but from artificial insemination! White sperm will be stocked in sperm banks to prevent the disappearance of the white race. White boys might smile and think they got away with it, however current scientific progress has made it possible for women to know if a baby is male or female from a very early stage of the pregnancy. White male babies will be aborted as women will want to raise more white daughters so they in turn can experience a happy and full life and fuck BLACK men also!

The future sure looks BLACK, doesn’t it white boys?

5 thoughts on “Why do white women support mass import of black men?

  1. Thank you for your wonderful website and commentary. As I white guy, I agree, it’s important to correct the injustices of the past. Immigration, providing job opportunities and sexual favors to Black Men are part of the long overdo Reparations. Thank you for all you do. Tom

    1. I agree completely. Immigration from Africa is extremely important! and we need to make sure Europe has a constant stream of African males entering Europe. We need this because they provide so much for us. Firstly african refugees provide a huge boost to European economies.
      Secondly These african bring their beautiful culture and culturally enrich europe.

      and as you said its important thet reparations are payed and I think this is the best way to do it. but the best part is that this helps everyone. as white guys arnt cutting it sexually and a lot of the time, an african needs to save the marriage. not to mention how African refugees are helping europe with its fertility problem.

  2. I absolutely love this movement and fully support our black superiors that’s why I trained my wife happily for Black cock only

  3. What stupid stuff it says here. From an evolutionary point of view, whites are more successful. That’s just how it is. For this very reason, many of the white ones do not reproduce with black ones

    1. your such a joke. you want to talk about evolution and that white males are superior yet all these white girls are going black and like this article states many times, it is white girls who are campaigning to bring more africans refugees to Europe and North America.
      white girls breeding with african males is evolution

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