Will Africanization make white people go extinct?

Africanization is a trend that is happening, whether you like it or not. The rapid growth of Africa’s population, and the decline of white fertility rates worldwide, are two facts no one can deny. The consequences of these demographic trends are difficult to predict, but we cannot avoid the inevitable changes in our society, including the growing number of interracial relationships and mixed-race children. What is important is to encourage acceptance of this new reality, and to fight back against the forces of hate who denounce us as “race traitors” and condemn our relationships as part of a “white genocide” conspiracy theory.

Because white women’s value was directly tied to their purity, it became the duty of white men to make sure they were pristine. White women were seen as objects whose only duty was to continue the white race.

– Jennifer Loubriel

There is a centuries-old notion that white men must defend, with lethal violence at times, the sexual purity of white women from allegedly predatory black men. It was, and remains, necessary for white women to decry the violence that is done in our name. It is on us to dismantle racism with just as much commitment as we dismantle sexism, for one cannot happen without the other.

– Chloe Angyal

The ideal of racial “purity” has a long history of violence and oppression. As Noel Ignatiev said, “Race itself is a product of social discrimination; so long as the white race exists, all movements against racism are doomed to fail.”

Racists promote fears of white “extinction” because they are unable to deal with the reality of demographic changes. Our progress toward greater racial equality frightens white supremacists who cannot accept the loss of their privileged status, which is based upon the oppression of people of color.

The fear of “white genocide” is inseparable from racist concepts of “purity” that demonize people of color and stigmatize mixed-race children as inferior.

Beautiful children and beautiful relationships like these are what racists fear. White supremacists use hateful messages to demonize white women who love black men.

Racists expect us to be intimidated by their messages of hate and fear, but the interracial movement continues growing. Love always conquers hate, and we want our children to be part of a future with more love.

2 thoughts on “Will Africanization make white people go extinct?

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