Will interracialism ultimately destroy feminism?

My read on feminism is that it arose to give white women the fulfillment they don’t get from feckless, inadequate white men. I’ve noticed that when white women find fulfillment and satisfaction from interracial relationships with strong, more powerful black men, they think less about “careers” and things like having children. Around real men, white women are liberated and are free to act as healthy, natural women. Hence, their real career, childbearing, will resume its rightful place.

The question is this: As white women achieve natural fulfillment with superior Black men will feminism lose its attraction and fade away or at least diminish?

I think this is a theme that is common to so many of the interracial sex videos on the internet. White women truly happy, truly free, truly liberated, truly enjoying their natural place in nature with healthy strong black men and the power and pleasure of the superior black penis.

One thought on “Will interracialism ultimately destroy feminism?

  1. You see this much with jewish women pairing with strong black males. Most feminism is made by jewish women after all and then given to other females. The women will leave their so called faith and culture to embrace being with the large black bulls.

    Sexy black muslim studs can slay jewish pussy in the USA with ease. Feminism does not stop it but it helps it. That happens all the time. It can be true elsewhere in the world were it not for jewish men being racist and jealous and oppressing black males with dishonest economics. Feminism is not allow in those places.

    Even when you turn on the news and hear about blacks “protesting” you know those are just riots done by violent blacks. However the jewish women see these riots and if you talk to them, they get very wet and excited by seeing wild black men just smashing and looting and burning. Very primal and very savage and jewish ladies cannot lie in how their biology reacts to seeing blacks go crazy and riot and loot.

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