White chick openly telling the world how all women have blacker needs


The ideal is that the husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs. But that is very often not the case in white relationships. It used to be a secret among white chicks but now they are openly telling the world that white women have bigger needs than any pathetic little white boy can ever fulfill. Listen to this snowbunny! A girl like her deserves a big black dick. You don’t really think that a pathetic little white baby carrot can please a real woman? Black boys’ bigger toys are so much better. Black dick fills up her pussy and makes her moan and beg for more. You really think a white guy can do that? Fuck no!

5 thoughts on “White chick openly telling the world how all women have blacker needs

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    1. after you black boys fuck all the fat white women we dont want–they will have kids white who we will fuck while your removed from, your race deleted as a race haha i cant wait all ready takin you kids now haha

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